TIN Facilitation Centre

TIN Facilitation Centre

Traders, dealers, manufacturers, exporters, etc. come under the category of businesses that require a TIN assigned to them. TIN or Tax Information Network is a mandatory identification number that is used to monitor business transactions. The said document is assigned by each state’s Commercial Tax Department. Now, there will be services required for the cardholders pertaining to information updates, surrendering the card, applying for a new one, and so on. These issues can be addressed online via NSDL or Income Tax Website. However, anyone who prefers the TIN facilitation center can locate them from various means. This piece of information will aim to guide readers about the TIN Facilitation Center and its related applications.

How Do I Find TIN Facilitation Center?

The TIN Facilitation center can be located by means of a few websites that operate for the services pertaining to the PAN, TAN, and TIN facilities. Some of the top trusted websites include NSDL and Income Tax Department. To find the TIN facilitation center, one can follow the steps given below. 

  • Head over to the official website of Protean e-Gov Technologies Pvt Limited.
  • Click on the Tax Information Network (TIN) under the projects tab in the main menu.
  • From the webpage, a link will be provided for the TIN-PAN portal, which you can also go directly to. 
  • From the portal, click on the Facilitation Center on the main menu. 
  • Click on the Search TIN FC option.
  • There are two options by which you can search, i.e. by PIN code and by State/City. 
  • Enter the Pincode and Captcha and click on search. Results will show based on the provided Pincode. 
  • For the search by state/city, enter the state first, and the application will ask for further particulars such as city and Pincode along with a security captcha. The results will be displayed therein.

How Do I Find A PAN Center?

PAN Card holders may have queries and updates that they need assistance with. For the same, there are several PAN Centers located in various locations across various cities. Here is how one can find the nearest PAN center.

  • One can access information pertaining to PAN card centers from the official website of the Income Tax Department under the Tax Information Network section. 
  • Once a user reaches the required webpage, they will have the option to select the state and location. 
  • The users will be shown a list of PAN Centers along with their addresses and contact details.

In case, the user needs more than merely applying for a new PAN Card, it will be imperative that they pay a visit to the nearest TIN Facilitation Center instead.

How Can I Get my Authorised PAN Card Centre?

PAN, TAN, and TIN are some of the most important documents one needs to possess to manage income and transactions. However, given the number of applicants, the TIN Facilitation Centers are not enough to cover every citizen. To make things easier on the ground level, authorities offer PAN card center authorisation for volunteering for PAN allotments and registration.

The following pointers are imperative for an individual or group to apply for a PAN Card agency in terms of eligibility requirements. These eligibilities include:

  • Being a citizen of India, 
  • 18 years of minimum age, 
  • having minimum educational qualification as a 12th standard pass.

Moreover, there are a few websites that offer registration services for PAN card agency setup. Most reliably, the UTIITSL agency facilitates the registration for PSA. Moreover, interested candidates shall be equipped with the necessary gear and technical setup to enable the operation.

Activities Conducted at PAN Centres/ TIN Facilitation Centres

PAN and TAN facilitation centers are made to carry out specific activities pertaining to tax, PAN/TAN document registration/updates, etc. These activities can be listed as follows.

  • Whatever Tax deducted at source and tax collected at source are deducted and collected are updated on the Tax Information Network system.
  • Whatever tax is collected in paper format is updated on the TIN system. These taxes can be from non-corporate and non-governmental organisations.
  • Whatever annual returns are collected from income-tax filers are updated in the Tax Information Network system. 
  • Obliging to applicants who come with new TAN requests and changes to be made on the document.
  • Obliging to applicants who come with new PAN requests and changes to be made on the document.
  • All the applications from the account officer are updated on the Tax Information Network system.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

How Can I Verify My TIN Number?

One can verify their TIN number easily by heading over to the official website of Protean e-gov’s Tax Information Network portal.

Is TAN and TIN The Same?

No TAN is the Tax Collection Account Number which is a unique alphanumeric sequence assigned to individuals by the income tax authorities. On the other hand, TIN is the Tax Information Network, a modern solution for business transaction monitoring.

What is the TIN value in India?

The TIN system in India is a modified version of tax collection, monitoring, and tracking by the Income Tax Department.

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