DDA Housing Scheme 2024: All you Need to Know

DDA Housing Scheme 2022

With the prices of the flats skyrocketing, buying a home seems quite an impossible deal. Contemplating the same, the Delhi Development Housing Authority has come up with a solution. The authority launched a DDA Housing Scheme on December 24, 2021, that allowed the common people to buy flats at affordable prices. For the upcoming DDA Housing Scheme 2022, the bookings have already started, so pull up your socks if you want one.

To know how to apply for the DDA Housing Scheme 2024, the documents required, eligibility criteria, etc., keep reading the blog!

DDA Housing Scheme 2024

DDA Housing Scheme is titled “Special Housing Scheme 2024” of the Delhi Development for the flat’s disposals. The main motto behind launching this scheme is to provide flats to the general public at affordable prices.

The Delhi Development Authority’s (DDA) housing scheme encourages a large number of people to buy flats each year because of their affordability. On the other hand, many choose to surrender the units that they win in the lucky draw for numerous reasons. The scheme offers 18,000 flats to people who want to buy them.      

For instance, in 2021, the authority was obligated to go for a fresh draw of lots of over 600 flats on August 5, 2022, to reallocate DDA flats that allottees surrendered. The prime reasons for the surrender of flats cited by the allottees are safety issues, not getting the preferred floor, last-mile connectivity, accessibility from the main city, civic facilities and transportation. 

About half the flats launched by the DDA under the DDA Housing Scheme 2021 were surrendered by the allottees. The surrendered units were located mostly in Rohini, Vasant Kunj, Jasola, Dwarka and Manglapuri. 

Eligibility Criteria for Acquiring DDA Flats in Delhi

You must meet the following criteria to be eligible to get DDA flats in Delhi:

  • You (or anybody applying) should be an Indian Citizen. 
  • The applicant must have completed the age of 18 years as of the last date of application submission.
  • Your spouse or dependent relations, including unmarried children, should not own in part or full on lease-hold or free-hold basis as a residential plot with an area exceeding 67 Square Meters. A flat/built-up house with a carpet area of more than 67 Square Meters in Delhi Cantonment New Delhi and Delhi’s urban area.  
  • If the husband and wife meet the eligibility criteria, both of them can apply for flats. In case both are deemed eligible, only one shall be allotted a flat. The other spouse will receive the amount of ‘Application Money.’
  • You are allowed to submit only one application either in your name as a joint/co-applicant.
  • Your individual income must not exceed ₹3 lakhs per annum and household income must not exceed ₹ 10 lakh per annum if you are applying for EWS flats. (No income criteria is applicable for categories other than EWS).
  • You must have a PAN allotted under the Income Tax Act provisions.

How to Apply for DDA Housing Scheme 2024?

The only way to apply for the DDA Housing Scheme is through online mode. Follow the steps below to file an application for DDA flats:

Step 1: Visit the official website of DDA Housing Yojana (EWS Flats).

Step 2: Register with the DDA by entering your personal details such as name, email address, mobile number, date of birth, and PAN. 

Step 3: The system will send you a user ID and password to your registered email address. 

Step 4: Now, login into the DDA portal using your user ID and password to access the online application form for DDA flat registration. 

Step 5: Furnish all the personal details of the applicant and that of the joint applicant. 

Step 6: Enter the correct category and the preferred location. 

Step 7: Upload the applicant’s photograph and scanned copy of the applicant’s signature and joint applicant (if any). 

Step 8: Thoroughly glance through the content of the declaration statement available at the page’s bottom.

Step 9: Once you have read the declaration, click on the check box.

Step 10: Click on the ‘Draft Submit’ or ‘Final Submit’ option as required.

Step 11: A submission screen will pop up. This comprises details of the application form number, submission date and registration amount. 

Step 12: Now click on the “Final Submit Application” form button.

Step 13: Pay the registration and application fee through net banking or NEFT or RTGS method on the next screen. Or you may also find it on the left side of the website. 

Step 14: On the successful and complete payment, an acknowledgement slip with payment particulars will be displayed on the screen. 

Registration Charges under DDA Scheme 2024

Flat Category Registration Money Application Processing Fees Total
EWS/JANTA Rs 25000/- Rs 2000/- Rs 27000/-
LIG Rs 100000/- Rs 2000/- Rs 102000/-
MIG Rs 200000/- Rs 2000/- Rs 202000/-
HIG Rs 200000/- Rs 2000/- Rs 202000/-

Documents Required for DDA Flats Registration

Following are the documents required for DDA flats registration:

  • Signature of the applicant
  • Applicant’s joint signature (in case of joint application)
  • Passport-size photographs
  • Applicant’s joint passport size photograph (in case of joint application)

DDA Housing Scheme 2024: Important Dates

Events Dates
Registration begins from 23rd December 2021
Last date to register 2nd February 2022
Last date to pay application fees online 2nd February 2022
Extended day to pay application fees online 10th March 2022
DDA Housing Scheme 2021 draw date To be launched soon
Last date to refund the amount of successful open candidates      After 30 days of the unsuccessful draw
Allotment date Announced Soon
Possession After allocation and first payment

DDA Housing Scheme 2024 Price List

The price list for DDA Housing Scheme 2022 is given below:

Locality Type of Flat No. of Flats Area in sq meter Tentative cost
Jasola, Pocket-9B 3BHK/HIG 215 162-177 Rs 1.97-2.14 crore
Vasant Kunj 3BHK/HIG 13 110-115 Rs 1.4-1.7crore
Rohini 3BHK/HIG 8 151-156 Rs 99 lakh-1.03 crore
Dwarka, Sector 18B 3BHK/HIG 6 134-140 Rs 1.17-1.23 crore
Nasirpur, Dwarka and Paschim Vihar 3BHK/HIG 8 88-99 Rs 69-73 lakh
Jasola Sector 8 3BHK/HIG 2 106-126 Rs 98 lakh-1.18 crore
Vasant Kunj Sector B Pkt 2 2BHK/HIG 1 88-101 Rs 97 lakh- 1.17 crore
Vasant Kunj Block F 2BHK/HIG 1 87-108 Rs 1.15-1.4 crore
Dwarka Sector 19B 2BHK/MIG 352 119-129 Rs 1.14-1.24 crore
Dwarka Sector 16B 2BHK/MIG 348 121-132 Rs 1.16-1/.27 crore
Vasant Kunj 2BHK/MIG 3 78-93 Rs 66 -85 lakh
Rohini Sector 23 2BHK/MIG 40 80-89 Rs 58-66 lakh
Dwarka Sector 1, 3, 12, 19 2BHK/MIG 11 75-110 Rs 59-86 lakh
Jahangirpuri 2BHK/MIG 3 64-99 Rs 40-57 lakh
Dwarka Sector 23B LIG 25 33 Rs 22 lakh
Rohini Sector 20, 21, 22, 28, 29 LIG 23 46 Rs 21-35 lakh
Narela Sector A-9 LIG 3 41-46 Rs 17-18 lakh
Kondli Gharoli LIG 1 48.5 Rs 25.2 lakh
Manglapuri, Dwarka EWS/Janta 276 50-52 Rs 28-29 lakh
Narela, Sector A-5, A-6 EWS/Janta 15 26-28 Rs 7-8 lakh

You can also visit Delhi Development Authority’s official website for the same. 

DDA Refund of Application Money

There could be instances where you would like to surrender your DDA flat due to some reason. If you really seek a refund of the application fee, then have a look at the conditions in which you will be refunded. In some cases, you may have to let go of all the application money or some parts of the application money. 

  • A full refund is available if you surrender the flat from the draw date to the 15th day from the date of issue of the demand or allotment letter.
  • 10% of the application fee will be charged if you surrender the flat from the 16th till the 30th day from the issuance date of the demand or allotment notice.
  • 50% of the application money will be charged for the surrender made from the 31st till the 90th day from the issuance date of the demand or allotment notice.
  • You will get no refund if you surrender the flat after 90 days of the issuance of the allotment letter. 

DDA Housing Allotment / Draw Method

The allotment of flats is completely based on a computerised draw. This, in turn, depends on the “Number Indicated Technique.” Typically, the DDA Housing Scheme 2021 draw three stages as described below:

Randomisation of Flats and Applicants

Each applicant and flats receive a random number. Those random numbers are then printed and called Cross Reference of Flats and Cross Reference of Applicants respectively. There are judges who shuffle and check those allotted random numbers and then put their initials on them to ensure that it has been randomised. 

Drawing the Lucky Numbers

There are boxes that contain coins numbered 0 to 9. One box for each digit is put before the judges. The number of boxes is solely dependent on the number of digits and the total number of flats and applicants. 

The starting number for flats is named the Lucky Number of Flats, while the starting number for applicants is known as the Lucky Number of Applicants. The judges draw one coin from each box. The number that is created by the coins drawn from the boxes for applicants and boxes for flats are considered lucky numbers. 

Mapping of Applicants and Flats

Once the coins are drawn, the lucky numbers for the applicants and flats are listed on paper. Those papers are signed by the judges. These papers are then fed into the computer, which then evaluates the flats and applicants. After mapping, the judges make the allotment.

If there are some physically handicapped applicants, they will get the allotment first as the ground floor is reserved for them. 

When and How to Pay for DDA Flats?

Now that you are aware of how to apply for DDA flat registrations, the price list, etc., it’s time to discover the mode of payment for DDA flats. There are more than two ways to do that. They are as follows:

You can pay cash through the net banking process via NEFT or RTGS using a specified family member’s account.

You can avail of a housing loan by mortgaging the flat to institutions known by the name of Delhi Development Authority. 

NOTE: You have to make the payment within 90 days of the issuance date of the allotment or demand letter. 

 FAQ’s on DDA Housing Schemes:-

What is the benefit of DDA flats?

The prime benefits of having a DDA flat is that they are affordable, located near government hospitals, railways, etc. Moreover, DDA flats cater to construction safety more than many other buildings in Delhi.

Is the DDA registration fee refundable?

Yes, the DDA registration fee is refundable if you surrender the flat within 15 days from the issue of the demand-cum-allotment letter and the lottery date. 

Is DDA under the Central government?

Yes, DDA flats fall under the Central Government. 

What is the life of DDA flats?

The average lifespan of Delhi Development Authority flats is around 50 years. However, this completely depends on the maintenance. In fact, the life of any building or flat depends on the maintenance of the property. 

Are DDA flats of 2021 worth buying?

According to experts, the response to the DDA housing scheme 2021 despite COVID- 19 has been extremely good. Since its launch on January 2, 2022, the authority has received 8500 applications for DDA flats. Besides, DDA flats are better in terms of structural safety in comparison to co/operative society or other builder flats in Delhi/NCR. 

Why do people surrender DDA flats?

There are a myriad of reasons why people surrender their DDA flats. Some of them include safety issues, not getting the preferred floor, last-mile connectivity, accessibility from the main city, civic facilities and transportation. 

Can I sell my DDA flat?

No, you can’t sell your DDA flat at least before 5 years of possession. In fact, the authority is planning to introduce a provision that says flat allottees would be allotted ownership only after five years of possession. This would limit them from selling properties before the said period. 

What is the DDA housing scheme of 2022 launch date?

DDA Housing Scheme 2021-22 was launched on 22nd December 2021 and registration started from 23rd December 2021. 

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