Dismil to Acre Converter: Convert the Units the Easiest Way Possible

1 Dismil is equal to 1.00 Acre

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Did you ever try converting Dismil to Acre? I am sure most of you would be highly bewildered by the units and their relationship. Unlike other metric conversions such as Kilometers, Meters, Centimeters, etc. that are easy to convert, Decimal to Acre conversion could be a bit intricate as the concept of Dismil is new to many. Therefore, we have designed this guide in a way that you won’t have to perform big mathematical calculations, yet the units would be converted in the simplest way.

But before hopping on to the conversion process directly, let us understand what Dismil means because I am sure only a few would be aware of it. So, let us start with the definition of Dismil/Decimal first.

What is Decimal/Dismil?

Primarily used as the measuring unit for areas in Bangladesh and India, Decimal was once one of the most popularly used units. More commonly spelled as decimel or Dismil, this unit was finally obsolete after the metrification of units in the mid-20th century. However, that did not stop it from being used in the rural parts of West Bengal and North Bangladesh.

When converted and tallied with other land measurement units, 1 Decimal equals 436 Square Feet and also 40.5057 m2. When measured against a common denominator like Acre, it turns out that 1 Decimal is equal to 1/100 parts of an Acre. This essentially means that only 1/100th of an Acre will be able to fit in a Decimal of space.

Current Use of Decimal

The use of Decimal or dismil has been narrowed in recent times. However, this measurement unit is still used in Bangladesh, East Africa, and some parts of India such as West Bengal, Orissa, Jharkhand, etc.

Units such as Hectare, Acre, and square feet are more popular nowadays. If we talk about India, people mostly opt for measuring land in Bigha, Katha, Gaj, Biswa, Acre, Hectare, etc.

What is Acre?

Similar to Decimal, an Acre is also a unit used for land measurement. But the unit is mainly employed in the US customary and imperial systems. Conventionally, it can be defined as the area of 1 chain by 1 furlong, meaning 66 / 660 feet. This value is equal to 10 Square chains, 43,560 Square Feet, 1/640 of a Square Mile, and 40% of a Hectare.

An Acre has been measured to be precisely 4046.86 square meters based on the Internal Yard and Pound Agreement of 1959. While Acre can sometimes be abbreviated to ac, it is mostly written as ‘Acre’ beside the value.

The history behind Acre is that during the middle ages, 1 Acre of land would be perceived as the area of land that can be ploughed by a group of 8 Oxen. However, it has come a long way from there and is still used as a ruling measure in America and other international British Commonwealth countries.

Countries like Australia, South Africa, and New Zealand have stopped their use for decades now. Consequently, since 2010, even the United Kingdoms have stopped using Acre as a standard measuring unit. However, in most of the countries where Acre is not used as a statute measurement, it can still be legally used for trade, as long as it is used as supplementary information and not necessarily for land registrations.

Current Use of Acre

The Acre is most popularly used in various former and current Commonwealth nations by customs, and in a few, it pursues as a statue measure. These comprise Antigua and Barbuda, American Samoa, the Bahamas, Jamaica, the United States, the United Kingdom, the US Virgin Islands, and more.

In India and Pakistan, the agricultural lands are often measured in Acre while residential plots are mapped in Square Feet in India and Kanal in Pakistan.

What is the Relation between Decimal and Acre?

Both Decimal and Acre are connected to each other in a lot of ways. Not only are they both used as measuring units for a particular land area, but they also have other purposes. However, only the Acre can be used for trade. On top of that, Decimal is a rather obsolete unit of measurement when compared to the still used and popular Acre. Acre is an international measurement that is used in most international countries.


1 Decimal is equivalent to 1/100th of an Acre, or

1 Dismil = 0.01 Acre

Similarly, 1 Acre is equivalent to 100 Decimals.

Such precise and rounded-up values can make for easy calculation. This is one of the reasons why both the units are still quite popularly in use.

How to Convert from Dismil to Acre?

When compared to other units, converting Decimal to Acre can be a bit challenging. There are some steps involved in the conversion. Further mentioned are some important ones.

Firstly, you have to convert the values to a standardized unit, in this case, square feet. Since the value of 1 Decimal in square feet is 435.6 and 1 Acre is 43560 square feet, to calculate Acre from the Decimal, you have to divide the Decimal value in square feet, which the Decimal value in square feet.

1 Decimal is equal to 435.6 Square Feet

1 Acre is equal to 43560 Square Feet

Therefore, 1 Decimal = 435.6/43560 or 0.01 Acre.

Hence, 1 Dismil to Acre is equivalent to 0.01 Acre.

Or an even simpler way to convert Decimal to Ekar would be to multiply the given value of Dismil by 0.01, and you will get the answer in Acre.

Similarly, if you have to convert Acre to Decimal, all you have to do is reverse the calculation. This essentially means you divide the value of 1 Acre in square feet with the value of 1 Decimal in square feet.

1 Acre is equal to 43560 Square Feet

1 Decimal is equal to 435.6 Square Feet

Therefore, 1 Acre in Dismil will be

 43560/435.6 or 100 Decimal in India.

Another easiest way to find the conversion value of these units would be to use SuareYards’ Dismil to Acre calculator. All you need to do is to put the value of Dismil/Decimal in the box and tap on the ‘Convert’ button.

Now that you are familiar with the relationship between the two, let’s have a quick look at the conversion table.

Decimal to Acre Conversion Table

Decimal Acre Decimal to Acre
1 Decimal 0.00999908 ac 1 Decimal is equal to 0.00999908 Acre
2 Decimal 0.01999816 ac 2 Decimal is equal to 0.01999816 Acre
3 Decimal 0.02999724 ac 3 Decimal is equal to 0.02999724 Acre
4 Decimal 0.03999632 ac 4 Decimal is equal to 0.03999632 Acre
5 Decimal 0.0499954 ac 5 Decimal is equal to 0.0499954 Acre
6 Decimal 0.05999448 ac 6 Decimal is equal to 0.05999448 Acre
7 Decimal 0.06999356 ac 7 Decimal is equal to 0.06999356 Acre
8 Decimal 0.07999264 ac 8 Decimal is equal to 0.07999264 Acre
9 Decimal 0.08999172 ac 9 Decimal is equal to 0.08999172 Acre
10 Decimal 0.0999908 ac 10 Decimal is equal to 0.0999908 Acre
11 Decimal 0.10998988 ac 11 Decimal is equal to 0.10998988 Acre
12 Decimal 0.11998896 ac 12 Decimal is equal to 0.11998896 Acre
13 Decimal 0.12998804 ac 13 Decimal is equal to 0.12998804 Acre
14 Decimal 0.13998712 ac 14 Decimal is equal to 0.13998712 Acre
15 Decimal 0.1499862 ac 15 Decimal is equal to 0.1499862 Acre
16 Decimal 0.15998528 ac 16 Decimal is equal to 0.15998528 Acre
17 Decimal 0.16998436 ac 17 Decimal is equal to 0.16998436 Acre
18 Decimal 0.17998344 ac 18 Decimal is equal to 0.17998344 Acre
19 Decimal 0.18998252 ac 19 Decimal is equal to 0.18998252 Acre
20 Decimal 0.1999816 ac 20 Decimal is equal to 0.1999816 Acre
21 Decimal 0.20998068 ac 21 Decimal is equal to 0.20998068 Acre
22 Decimal 0.21997976 ac 22 Decimal is equal to 0.21997976 Acre
23 Decimal 0.22997884 ac 23 Decimal is equal to 0.22997884 Acre
24 Decimal 0.23997792 ac 24 Decimal is equal to 0.23997792 Acre
25 Decimal 0.249977 ac 25 Decimal is equal to 0.249977 Acre
26 Decimal 0.25997608 ac 26 Decimal is equal to 0.25997608 Acre
27 Decimal 0.26997516 ac 27 Decimal is equal to 0.26997516 Acre
28 Decimal 0.27997424 ac 28 Decimal is equal to 0.27997424 Acre
29 Decimal 0.28997332 ac 29 Decimal is equal to 0.28997332 Acre
30 Decimal 0.2999724 ac 30 Decimal is equal to 0.2999724 Acre
31 Decimal 0.30997148 ac 31 Decimal is equal to 0.30997148 Acre
32 Decimal 0.31997056 ac 32 Decimal is equal to 0.31997056 Acre
33 Decimal 0.32996964 ac 33 Decimal is equal to 0.32996964 Acre
34 Decimal 0.33996872 ac 34 Decimal is equal to 0.33996872 Acre
35 Decimal 0.3499678 ac 35 Decimal is equal to 0.3499678 Acre
36 Decimal 0.35996688 ac 36 Decimal is equal to 0.35996688 Acre
37 Decimal 0.36996596 ac 37 Decimal is equal to 0.36996596 Acre
38 Decimal 0.37996504 ac 38 Decimal is equal to 0.37996504 Acre
39 Decimal 0.38996412 ac 39 Decimal is equal to 0.38996412 Acre
40 Decimal 0.3999632 ac 40 Decimal is equal to 0.3999632 Acre
41 Decimal 0.40996228 ac 41 Decimal is equal to 0.40996228 Acre
42 Decimal 0.41996136 ac 42 Decimal is equal to 0.41996136 Acre
43 Decimal 0.42996044 ac 43 Decimal is equal to 0.42996044 Acre
44 Decimal 0.43995952 ac 44 Decimal is equal to 0.43995952 Acre
45 Decimal 0.4499586 ac 45 Decimal is equal to 0.4499586 Acre
46 Decimal 0.45995768 ac 46 Decimal is equal to 0.45995768 Acre
47 Decimal 0.46995676 ac 47 Decimal is equal to 0.46995676 Acre
48 Decimal 0.47995584 ac 48 Decimal is equal to 0.47995584 Acre
49 Decimal 0.48995492 ac 49 Decimal is equal to 0.48995492 Acre
50 Decimal 0.499954 ac 50 Decimal is equal to 0.499954 Acre
51 Decimal 0.50995308 ac 51 Decimal is equal to 0.50995308 Acre
52 Decimal 0.51995216 ac 52 Decimal is equal to 0.51995216 Acre
53 Decimal 0.52995124 ac 53 Decimal is equal to 0.52995124 Acre
54 Decimal 0.53995032 ac 54 Decimal is equal to 0.53995032 Acre
55 Decimal 0.5499494 ac 55 Decimal is equal to 0.5499494 Acre
56 Decimal 0.55994848 ac 56 Decimal is equal to 0.55994848 Acre
57 Decimal 0.56994756 ac 57 Decimal is equal to 0.56994756 Acre
58 Decimal 0.57994664 ac 58 Decimal is equal to 0.57994664 Acre
59 Decimal 0.58994572 ac 59 Decimal is equal to 0.58994572 Acre
60 Decimal 0.5999448 ac 60 Decimal is equal to 0.5999448 Acre
61 Decimal 0.60994388 ac 61 Decimal is equal to 0.60994388 Acre
62 Decimal 0.61994296 ac 62 Decimal is equal to 0.61994296 Acre
63 Decimal 0.62994204 ac 63 Decimal is equal to 0.62994204 Acre
64 Decimal 0.63994112 ac 64 Decimal is equal to 0.63994112 Acre
65 Decimal 0.6499402 ac 65 Decimal is equal to 0.6499402 Acre
66 Decimal 0.65993928 ac 66 Decimal is equal to 0.65993928 Acre
67 Decimal 0.66993836 ac 67 Decimal is equal to 0.66993836 Acre
68 Decimal 0.67993744 ac 68 Decimal is equal to 0.67993744 Acre
69 Decimal 0.68993652 ac 69 Decimal is equal to 0.68993652 Acre
70 Decimal 0.6999356 ac 70 Decimal is equal to 0.6999356 Acre
71 Decimal 0.70993468 ac 71 Decimal is equal to 0.70993468 Acre
72 Decimal 0.71993376 ac 72 Decimal is equal to 0.71993376 Acre
73 Decimal 0.72993284 ac 73 Decimal is equal to 0.72993284 Acre
74 Decimal 0.73993192 ac 74 Decimal is equal to 0.73993192 Acre
75 Decimal 0.749931 ac 75 Decimal is equal to 0.749931 Acre
76 Decimal 0.75993008 ac 76 Decimal is equal to 0.75993008 Acre
77 Decimal 0.76992916 ac 77 Decimal is equal to 0.76992916 Acre
78 Decimal 0.77992824 ac 78 Decimal is equal to 0.77992824 Acre
79 Decimal 0.78992732 ac 79 Decimal is equal to 0.78992732 Acre
80 Decimal 0.7999264 ac 80 Decimal is equal to 0.7999264 Acre
81 Decimal 0.80992548 ac 81 Decimal is equal to 0.80992548 Acre
82 Decimal 0.81992456 ac 82 Decimal is equal to 0.81992456 Acre
83 Decimal 0.82992364 ac 83 Decimal is equal to 0.82992364 Acre
84 Decimal 0.83992272 ac 84 Decimal is equal to 0.83992272 Acre
85 Decimal 0.8499218 ac 85 Decimal is equal to 0.8499218 Acre
86 Decimal 0.85992088 ac 86 Decimal is equal to 0.85992088 Acre
87 Decimal 0.86991996 ac 87 Decimal is equal to 0.86991996 Acre
88 Decimal 0.87991904 ac 88 Decimal is equal to 0.87991904 Acre
89 Decimal 0.88991812 ac 89 Decimal is equal to 0.88991812 Acre
90 Decimal 0.8999172 ac 90 Decimal is equal to 0.8999172 Acre
91 Decimal 0.90991628 ac 91 Decimal is equal to 0.90991628 Acre
92 Decimal 0.91991536 ac 92 Decimal is equal to 0.91991536 Acre
93 Decimal 0.92991444 ac 93 Decimal is equal to 0.92991444 Acre
94 Decimal 0.93991352 ac 94 Decimal is equal to 0.93991352 Acre
95 Decimal 0.9499126 ac 95 Decimal is equal to 0.9499126 Acre
96 Decimal 0.95991168 ac 96 Decimal is equal to 0.95991168 Acre
97 Decimal 0.96991076 ac 97 Decimal is equal to 0.96991076 Acre
98 Decimal 0.97990984 ac 98 Decimal is equal to 0.97990984 Acre
99 Decimal 0.98990892 ac 99 Decimal is equal to 0.98990892 Acre
100 Decimal 0.999908 ac 100 Decimal is equal to 0.999908 Acre

So, as we will scroll down, you will find that the table contains the conversion value of Dismil up to 100 units. But what would you do if you have to convert numbers beyond that or numbers in fractions?

Obviously, you will need a formula. Right? To ensure you don’t have to stress over the calculation and formula, we have derived a simple formula to convert Dismil into Acre.

The Formula & Examples for Converting Decimal into Acre

The conversion uses the basic mathematic concept of division and the unitary method. After you get the standardized values of both in a particular unit, all you have to do is divide the Decimal value with the Acre value and vice versa in the other case.

Or you can simply use this formula:

Acre = Given value of Decimal x 0.01

The resulting value would be in Acre.

Now that you have got the formula, let us understand it clearly with the help of a few examples.

Example 1: Convert 80 Dismil in Acre

Sol: Considering the above formula, we can convert the value of 80 Decimal in Acre as-

Acre = 80 x 0.01 = 0.8.

Therefore, 80 Dismil is equivalent to 0.8 Acre.

Example 2: Convert 500 Dismil in Acre

Sol: We will follow the same formula as above. Hence, 500 Dismil in Acre will be-

Acre = 500 x 0.01 = 5 Acres.

Therefore, 5 Dismil is equivalent to 5 Acres.

Example 3: Convert 45.8 Decimal to Acre

Sol: 45.8 Dismil to Acre = 45.8 x 0.01 Acre = 0.458.

Hence, 45.8 Decimal is equivalent to 0.458 Acre.

Difference between Decimal and Acre

Decimal and Acre both are units used for measuring the area of the land but they are used at different geographical locations. Besides, they vary in terms of their acceptances, sizes, origins, and more. To know what and how, have a look at the table below:

Basis of Comparison Dismil Acre
Symbol No symbol ac
Definition Dismil, also called Decimal, is a unit used to measure the area of agricultural lands in a few parts of India and Bangladesh. An acre is a unit used to measure the land across the world.
Relation 1 Dismil = 0.01 Acre 1 Acre = 100 Dismil
Size One Dismil is smaller than an Acre. An acre is bigger than a Dismil.
Acceptance Dismil is neither used as an SI unit nor in the US customary and imperial systems. The unit is mainly employed in the US customary and imperial systems.
Applicability Dismil is mostly employed in a few parts of India and Bangladesh. Acre is mostly used in commonwealth nations such as Antigua and Barbuda, American Samoa, the Bahamas, Jamaica, the United States, the United Kingdom, the US Virgin Islands, India, Pakistan, and more.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

How can you calculate decimal from acre?

Without the formula, it can surely be very challenging to convert decimal values into acre. However, the formula is rather simple. All you have to do is find the value of both 1 decimal and 1 acre in a standard unit like square feet. Once you have done that, you need to divide both the values with each other, which will result in 1 decimal being 0.01 acres. Now that you have the value of 1 decimal, you can simply multiply it with however many decimals you need to calculate.

What is the formula to calculate decimal to acre?

The basic concept of unitary method and division is used as a formula to convert dismil to acre and vice versa. You first have to find a common unit and convert the values of both to that. Once you find what each is, just divide them to find your answer.

How many decimals are there in 1 acre?

With the formula, converting 1 dismal to an acreis very easy. It is equal to 0.01 acre. This means you can fit a decimal worth of space in 0.01 of a whole acre and still have 99.99 acres left out of 100.

How many acres can fit in 1 decimal?

Similarly, if you reverse the calculation, you will be able to fit 100 decimalsin 1 acre of land, so 1 acre is equal to 100 decimal.

What are acres and decimals used for?

Both acres and decimals were first introduced as units to measure the area of a land plot. However, with time and other units being introduced, their purposes have changed, and some like decimal have become obsolete. They are still used to calculate the area of land, but decimal is more prone to agricultural land, and acres are mainly used for large spaces without any constructional development on them.

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