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1 Biswa is equal to 0.01264643 Hectare

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In this article, we will focus on Biswa and Hectare and how conversions are being made into the multiple of Ares unit of area, i.e., Hectare. We will also learn the values of different units of measurement equivalent to the value of one Hectare. 

Biswa to Hectare Conversion

Over the years, the land has been one of the most vital elements of trade and commerce. Land areas are used for farming, cultivation, agriculture, construction, etc. However, one thing which is very important for running any trade or business in a land area is learning how to measure it. Without measuring the area of land or property, you cannot buy or sell it. Therefore, learning how to measure land areas and property grounds is important.

The entire Real estate market operates based on the area allotted to various plots and pieces of land. Moreover, agricultural lands and properties are sold and even cultivated by using the unit of measurement, i.e., by keeping track of the area in use. So, if you are dealing in the real estate sector you must know that measurement is necessary. Also, the conversion of these units into the standard and common units is even more important to keep yourself up-to-date.

As this article focuses on the various units of measurement and its conversion to hectares, we will understand the nature of these terms and units. 

What is Hectare?

One of the most popular units in which massive expanses of the land area is measured is Hectares. It is abbreviated as “ha”. Agricultural land and forest areas in most parts of the country is recorded in terms of hectares. Even though it is a non-SI metric unit, yet is primarily used to measure area. Measurement of a hectare is such that all its sides are equivalent to a square of 100 metres.

Before the rationalisation of the metric system and establishment of the International System of Units (SI units) hectare was also known to be the multiple of Ares. However, square metres replaced Ares leaving Hectare as the widely used non-SI unit for measuring vast expanses of area. 

  • Conversion of Biswa to Hectare

Before going on the conversion of Biswa to Hectare, let us take a look at what Biswa accounts for. Biswa is a sub-unit of Bigha. It is widely used across India, however, without any standard size. Thus, the value of one Biswa varies from place to place. To convert Biswa to Hectare, you first need to learn the value of Biswa for the area concerned. However, the value of One Biswa in Hectare is 0.0125419104. Therefore, if you want to convert 70 Biswa to Hectare, you can multiply the number with 0.0125419104, i.e., 8.77933728 hectares.  

  • Conversion of Kanal to Hectare

Similar to Biswa, Kanal is also a traditional unit of measuring the area of land. It is popularly used in Pakistan and the northern parts of India such as in the states of Himachal Pradesh, Punjab, Haryana, Jammu and Kashmir. Once again, there is a dispute in the size of Kanal as in India, one Kanal is considered to be same as 4500 square feet which is one-eighth of an acre. However, in certain parts of Pakistan, it is considered as 5400 square feet but in Lahore, it is 4500 square feet. Value of One Kanal in Hectare is 0.0505857. Conversion of Kanal to Hectare can be easily done by multiplying the area in Kanal with the above-mentioned value of hectare. 

  • Conversion of Square Feet to Hectare   

One of the most common and widely practised units of measuring area is Square foot (plural – square feet). A Square Foot can be defined as an area of a square with all sides measuring one foot. It is decreed as both an imperial unit as well as U.S. customary unit. Moreover, it is recognised all over the world as most residential and commercial properties and plots on sale are addressed in terms of square feet. Abbreviation for square feet is sq. ft. 1 square foot is equal to 144 square inches and 1/9 square yard. However, if you are asked to convert Square Feet to Hectare, you can follow and line up in the ways explained before by deriving the value of one square foot which is equivalent to 9.2903e-6 hectares.   

  • Conversion of Square Metre to Hectare

This is indeed the SI derived unit of area. It is symbolised as m2. Definition of square metre is simple as it is the area of a square with sides measuring one meter. Square metre is typically used to measure small pieces or areas of land such as residential and commercial properties like houses, rooms, parking lots, etc. The value of one square metre is equal to 0.0001 hectares. Therefore, let us say for an example if you wish to convert 70 Square Metre to Hectare, you can multiply 70 by 0.0001 hectare to derive the answer. (70 Square Metre x 0.0001 = 0.007 hectares). 

  • Conversion of Square Yards to Hectare 

Similar to Square Metre, Square yard is also an imperial unit of area. In India and Pakistan, Square yard is also popularly known in a local term as “gaj” or “gaz”. Though square yard is a popular unit of measuring area in the western world, it is somewhat replaced by square metres in the rest of the world. One square yard is supposed to comprise an area with a square having all sides equal to the measurement of one yard, that is, three feet, thirty-six inches and 0.9144 metres. Symbol to recognise square yards is not universally fixed as it can be denoted in any way such as sq. yd or yd2, etc. Conversion of Square Yards to Hectare is done similarly as other conversions are done (by multiplying the number with the value of one square yard in hectares). Thus, the value of one square yard is 8.36127e-5 hectares. 

  • Conversion of Bigha to Hectare

We have already acquainted you with a few traditional units of measurement. Biswa and Katha together form a bigger unit of measurement which is popular as Bigha or Beegha. This unit of measuring area is widely practised in areas of India, Bangladesh and Nepal. Similar to other traditional units, Bigha too has no standard size decreed and thus, varies from one place to another. To convert Bigha to Hectare, you should know that value of one bigha is 0.2508382079 hectares. Therefore, 70 Bigha would be 70 x 0.2508382079 i.e., 17.558674553 hectares.  

  • Conversion of Acre to Hectare

Just like square yard and square metre, an acre is also an imperial and customary unit of area. Acre implies an area of one chain by one furlong. An acre is mostly used to measure huge areas of land like agricultural plots and forests. Value of one acre in hectare is 0.404686. Thus, you can convert Acre to Hectare by the help of this decimal number.



Q1. How can you convert 70 Guntha into Hectare?

Ans. Conversion of 70 Guntha to Hectare can be done by multiplying 70 Guntha by the value of one guntha in a hectare, i.e., 0.010117 hectares. Thus,
70 Guntha x 0.010117 = 0.70819 hectares.

Q2. How can you convert 70 Ground to Hectare?

Ans. To convert 70 Ground to Hectare, multiply 70 by the value of one ground in hectare i.e., 0.022296751177547 hectares.