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The Registration Department records the actions associated with the operations of the real estate and executes systems to preserve the copies of the recorded documents protected. Well, the management of the stamp duty on these records as applicable to Madhya Pradesh is undertaken under the Indian Stamp Act.

The MP government created the IGRS gateway under the Registration and Stamps Department to form an assets’ registration way easier within Madhya Pradesh. Voters of Madhya Pradesh will be able to access many services via the web portal.

4 regional office buildings are built in the Registration Department, below the HOD i.e. Head of the Department (Inspector General of Registration), who keeps a watch on the duty of superintendence and administration of 51 district registrar offices.

The Regional Officer in Charge is the Deputy Inspector General of Enrollment- the Officer in Charge of the District Registrar Office building as well as the Senior District Registrar or can also be referred to as District Registrar.

There are almost 233 sub-registrar offices over the state under the district registrar, which are supervised by leaders and deputy registrars also referred to as senior deputy registrars.

The goal of the enrollment of papers is to suffice the below-mentioned necessities:-

  • Records associating with the transfer of title should be held, preserved, and verified securely.
  • In the case of the initial document getting lost, looted, or destroyed for any other reason, the ground should be provided to verify that record.
  • Proof should be given to confirm the alteration of any title/property owner.
  • If anyone needs to understand about any assets, who is the owner of that property of a different individual, also to what degree he has the power of ownership, a method needs to be found to give this information.

The work of enrollment of records, a search of recorded papers, and their approved copy and issuance of discharge documents are performed in the offices of the sub-registrar. The duties of Senior Deputy Registrar also referred to as Deputy Registrar Registration Officer is done in the office buildings of the Deputy Registrar.

Dedicated District Registrar/Senior District Registrar, controls the investigation of secondary registration offices. The terms of the Registration Act and the Stamp Act, matters linked to stamp duty and return of stamp owing on records are decided by the District Registrars.

Will cases are also taken care of in the offices of the district registrar. District registrars are competent to issue licenses of stamp vendors and document writers working under their district.

On various records, stamp duty and registration charges are given at the designated rate on the business cost of the resources specified. By the consent of the Inspector General of Registration a keeper line is published by the District Collector; the measurement of the stated market value, each year, by the three-tier panels.

Property Registration Online Madhya Pradesh (MP)

Registration of resources in our nation is obligatory as per the Indian Registration Act’s terms. The shift of immovable property has got to be registered to get the powers of the estate on the accomplishment date of the action. The Registration and Stamp Department is chargeable for property registration within Madhya Pradesh.

Madhya Pradesh Registration: Section 25 Act

As per Registration Section 25 Act, all documents needed for registering the record are to be presented within the quarter from the day of estate/property enrollment to the involved Registrar’s workplace. Just in case of any infringements, a fine of more than the 10 times value of the estate registration fee has got to be paid in these kinds of cases of property enrollment.

The purpose for registering the property

The goal of enrolling the property square measure is stated below:

  • To confirm the authenticity of the record.
  • To ensure bar of frauds, preservation of proof, the shift of title to the purchaser.
  • To keep an up to day state record by listing a property.
  • To provide the facility of deciding whether the estate has previously been marketed or sold.
  • To give assurance of title documents and to show initial deeds are misplaced or damaged.

Documents Required

Furnish the subsequent documents in conjunction with the applying type to enroll a property within Madhya Pradesh.

  • Identity proof like passport/Aadhar card/driving license/PAN card/voter card etc. of both the parties.
  • Important documents once this record is added to such initial documents.
  • Passport size photographs of both the parties.
  • All the details of property tax and registration fee.

Stamp & Registration Department Madhya Pradesh (MP)

The Registration and Stamps Department is one of the important revenue-producing functions of Madhya Pradesh (MP). This Department has four provincial offices set at Bhopal, Jabalpur, Indore, and Gwalior, operating beneath provincial Deputy Inspector Generals. There are 51 different District Registrar offices plus 234 Sub Registrar offices within Madhya Pradesh.

The Registration and Stamps Department is one of the MP’s most significant revenue-producing resources. The Inspector General, the one whose headquarters square measure in Bhopal, manages all administrators.

Residents use the IGRS portal for different services, below are the services provided by the portal:

  • Agricultural land conversion check
  • Khasra numbers check
  • Document search
  • Stamp duty and registration fee
  • RERA registration details
  • Water tariff
  • Stamp duty calculation
  • Guideline value
  • Electricity bill

Services on IGRS Madhya Pradesh

The numerous services that a citizen of MP can get from the standard IGRS website involve:

  • Khasra numbers check
  • Guideline worth of properties in towns
  • Electricity bill
  • Water tariff
  • RERA enrollment of housing
  • Document search
  • Stamp duty estimation
  • Agricultural land transformation check
  • Stamp duty and registration fee chart

Point To Be Noted: Citizens will be able to access the web portal in Hindi, similarly to the English dialect.

How to enroll for the property online on Madhya Pradesh’s IGRS website?

To record property details in Madhya Pradesh, perform the following steps:

Step 1: Please visit the E-Panjiyan website (https://www.mpigr.gov.in/spe.html) for enrolling the property online.

Step 2: The applicant needs to fill in the valid email address and then click on the “Login” button which is on the home webpage of the website.

Step 3: If the applicant isn’t enrolled, then the applicant needs to click on the New User option on the screen, so the new applicant enrollment page can open on the consequent screen.

Step 4: The applicant needs to fill the form with the desired details and click on the button “Register”.

Step 5: Once the registration is done, the applicant needs to choose the” Initiation Registration Application” tab from the Registration web page.

Step 6: Choose the relevant Deed option from completely different choices that are offered within the drop-down.

Step 7: The applicant must enter the price of the property evaluated by them for estimation of the stamp duty. The applicant must fill the relevant checkboxes with the tick mark.

Step 8: If the applicant encompasses an already done property estimate within the current twelve months and holds a valuation ID, then the applicant must choose the affirmative or No tab.

Step 9: Enter the ID and click on the Validate tab to verify the ID, so the appropriate property features can be seen post validation, and click on the “Next” option to continue.

Step 10: Click on the “District” button and choose the necessary options from the list.

  • Select the appropriate tehsil of the area.
  • Select Subspace style of the tehsils.
  • Select the Ward Halka.
  • Select the Colony/Village beneath the Ward elect.
  • Select the property kind from Plot/Agriculture Land/Building.

Step 11: Once filling in the required details, the applicants are prompted to transfer essential papers like PAN number, ID Proofs, etc.

Step 12: Once adding necessary papers, the applicant must proceed to feature details of alternative transacting parties concerned within the dealings.

Step 13: Enter the applicant details and transfer all the papers and click on the “Next” button.

Step 14: Applicants must choose the properties that are already superimposed and enter alternative information of the properties.

Step 15: Currently, the applicant must choose a property Identification (ID) from the list.

Step 16: Fill in the needed information of the property like Revenue Inspector Circle, Vikas Khand, Sheet No. etc. Also fill in the Khasra information with Khasra space, RIN Pustika Details, Lagaan, etc.

Step 17: Transfer all the reports associated with the property and then click on the button “Save”.

Step 18: Within the case of owning the other property, give the opposite property details and click on the button “Next”.

Step 19: At last, applicants are required to select the “Pay now” option to finish the registration.

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FAQs :

What is Property registration and why is it important?

Property Registration applies to the listing of document variations in control and actions including immovable assets. Whenever you purchase a part of immovable assets, you are required to enroll the same with the officials involved, so that a legitimate claim title is confirmed to you. Moreover, this considerably decreases the risk of cheating and benefits in solving conflicts quickly, in addition to planning and preparing a public record.

What is IGRS Madhya Pradesh?

IGRS Madhya Pradesh is the state’s standard official website of the stamp and registration department that provides different online assistance to citizens.

How to review my Khasra number?

To review the Khasra range, follow the below-mentioned steps:
1. Click on the option ‘Free Services’ shown on the home webpage
2. Select Khasra/Map/B-1
3. Fill in the details like District, Village, and Tehsil
4. Click on the property owner tab and choose the name of the landlord/proprietor and submit

How to review all the land records in Madhya Pradesh?

The Madhya Pradesh Revenue Board has started an online website, MP Bhulekh. This keeps up the reports of all land bundles within the State. Here is the link to the standard web portal ). On the home webpage of the positioning, click on the button ‘Free Services’ to continue. Choose ‘Bhu Naksha’ from the drop-down list of assistance out there. Fill in the following details like district, Khasra range, village, and Tehsil. Khasra range is the land record range assigned by the land revenue officers.

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