Jharkhand RERA: Real Estate Regulatory Authority

Jharkhand RERA

This article explains the Jharkhand Gov RERA in detail. The step-wise registration process for agents/developers/promoters is mentioned. The necessary documents and the fees & charges required to be given while submitting the registration application are also explained in the following article.

Jharkhand RERA

RERA Act has formulated regulations and provisions for each state to monitor and promote the development of the real estate sector. Both commercial and residential properties come under these provisions. The standardized norms have also been introduced to protect the developer's and the buyer's interests. The Act also promises to bring accountability and transparency in property dealing. The aim is also to lower the mis-spelling and delay in projects.

Jharkhand Real Estate Regulatory Authority (RERA) makes sure that the interests of homebuyers are well-protected. Jharkhand Gov RERA paves way for the agents and developers of real estate in providing consumers rendering good services. For swift redressal of grievances, an Appellate Tribunal has also been established through which aggrieved customers can file an appeal against an order or decision passed by the authority. It is the responsibility of the Tribunal to deal with the appeal and dispose of it within 60 days. The registration of all the agents is mandatory under the RERA Act. Only a registered agent can promote the purchase or sale of the properties under the provisions of Jharkhand Gov RERA. 

Registration as a Developer/Promoter through online mode

RERA Jharkhand- The registration Process is as follows:

Step 1: Firstly, you need to visit the Jharkhand Gov RERA homepage.

Step 2: Secondly, visit the developer or promoter’s RERA Jharkhand online webpage.

Step 3: Then select the User type i.e. Developer or Promoter and put in the required details and select the “Register Now” option.

Documents required by Promoter/Developer

The important documents required for RERA registration in Jharkhand are mentioned below:

  • PAN Card copy.
  • Promoter’s audited Balance Sheet of the previous year.
  • Promoter’s audited Income Tax Returns (previous 3 years).
  • Total parking areas- open and close as per the availability.
  • Title authentication along with other necessary valid documents need to be submitted by the promoter.
  • Collaboration agreement copy, Owner’s consent details, development agreement, or joint agreement between the owner and promoter is to be submitted if the owner is not the promoter of the concerned project. The title of the land/property owner and copies title deed must also be submitted by the promoter.
  • Name, residential address, contact details, and promoter’s photographs, if individual registration is taking place. If registration is done as a business entity, then the promoter must submit the chairman’s address, contact details, name, partners, the board of directors, and other authorized persons along with their photographs.
  • A cheque from the bank or Demand draft can be given for the RERA Jharkhand registration fees, in case the promoter is unable to make an online payment. All the supporting documents of the promoter like an extension of the project and status are also to be submitted. Other important documents also include:
  1. Specifications and layout plan.
  2. The approved original plan.
  3. Specifications, Layout plan, and approved plan at present that has modifications made.
  4. Plot area disclosing documents.
  5. Size of the apartment supporting documents.

Registration as an agent through online mode

The RERA Jharkhand- Registration Process for agents is as follows:

Step 1: You need to visit the Jharkhand Gov RERA homepage.

Step 2: Next, visit the webpage for agent registration.

Step 3: Lastly, choose “Agent” as the user type and put in all the necessary details, and select “Register Now”.

Documents required by Agent

The necessary documents required to apply for the registration process by the agent are as follows:

  • The authority must be given a triplicate Form H (written application).
  • PAN card copy.
  • Business entity’s address proof copy.
  • Enterprise information like name, office address, and enterprise type i.e. partnership, company, proprietorship, societies, etc.
  • IT Returns of previous 3 years as per the IT Act of 1961.
  • The applicant must submit a declaration claiming that he/she has been exempted from tax filing (in the previous 3 years).
  • If the promoter is unable to pay via online mode, then he can submit the registration fees & charges through Cheque or Demand Draft. The registration fee for an individual is Rs. 5,000 and for others, it is Rs. 2,000.

Renew process

  • Before three months of expiry of the registration, the submission of Form K and an application must be made as per Section 6 granted by Section 9.
  • The renewal fee for an individual is Rs. 5,000 and for others, it is Rs. 50,000. Any scheduled bank can be used to do the payment or via online mode.
  • The renewal fee must be paid together at the time of the renewal application submission.
  • All the required documents as mentioned in Section 10.1 must be submitted along with the application.
  • The authority will inform the applicant about the approved registration renewal in Form L.
  • In case of rejection, the applicant will be informed by the authority in Form J.
  • The renewal application granting is based on whether the applicant has complied with all the provisions, rules, and regulations mentioned in the RERA Act.
  • The validity period is 5 years for the renewal granted.

Complaint filing under RERA IN Jharkhand

Step 1: You will have to visit the Jharkhand Gov RERA homepage.

Step 2: Select the “Complaint Registration” option to move to the webpage of the Jharkhand Real Estate Regulatory Authority (RERA) complaint registration.

Step 3: You will then have to select the “User type” (either Agent or Promoter/Developer) and put in the necessary details and click on the “Register Now” option to complete your complaint filing.

Login process in RERA Jharkhand

Step 1: You need to visit the Jharkhand Gov RERA homepage.

Step 2: Select the “Login” icon that will open the Jharkhand Real Estate Regulatory Authority (RERA) login page.

Step 3: Then choose the “User type” i.e. Department or Promoter/Agents/Developer.

Step 4: Enter your login ID along with your password, then enter the captcha and proceed to sign in.

Step 5: You can now login to your Jharkhand Gov RERA webpage.

Status of RERA

  • Total Developers status- 43.
  • Total Agents status- 66.
  • Total Project status- 30.

Office address

Jharkhand RERA Gov: Housing Department and Urban Development.

  • Town Planner- Mr. Gajanand Ram.
  • Secretary- Mr. Ajoy Kumar Singh.
  • Contact Number- 0651-2400962.
  • Email ID- [email protected]

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When did the Central Government RERA Act implement?

The following Sections were implemented on and from 1st of May 2016:
Section 2,
Section 20 to 39,
Section 41 to 58,
Section 71 to 78,
Section 81 to 92.

Under whose authority is the RERA Act?

The “appropriate government” who governs the RERA Act in both the States and UTs under Section 2(g) are:
For states- the State Government.
Urban development of Delhi- Central Ministry.
Union Territory Puducherry- Government of UT.
UTs without a legislature- Central Government.

What are the exact responsibilities of the “Appropriate Government”?

The responsibilities are mentioned below:
Notification to be given within 6 months from its commencement for the implementation of the rules under the RERA Act (Section 84).
Setting up a regulatory body within 12 months (Section 20).
Interim regulatory body’s appointment of an executive/officer until it is permanently established (Section 43).
An existing Appellate Tribunal’s designation as per other laws to be done for the time being until permanency is established (Section 43).
Constituting a Selection Committee for the appointment of the Chairperson and other members of the Appellate Tribunal and RERA.
Designation of employees and officers of the Appellate Tribunal and RERA. And also identifying functional spaces like infrastructure, office space, etc. (Section 28 & 51).
It is necessary to establish the Central Advisory Council if the Central Government is the appropriate government (Section 41).
Constituting the RERA fund as mentioned in Section 75 of the Act.

What does the common area include?

Under Section 2 (n), the common area includes the “Open parking spaces”.

Can an individual appeal against an order or decision passed by- Appellate Tribunal?

Yes, a person can appeal to the High Court if he/she is aggrieved by the Tribunal’s order or decision.