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1 Lakh is equal to 0.00 Billion

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Have you ever tried to convert lakh to billion? What a tiresome job it is to mention of. Isn’t it? While lakh comes from the Indian numbering system, the billion is a unit used in International system of numbering. Both units are counted in reference to larger numbers and currency and this guide will explain how to convert lakh to billion. Let us get started.

What is Lakh?

A lakh refers to a unit in the Indian system of numbering. This term is used in India to one hundred thousand. The lakh unit of measurement can be written as Rs 1,00,000 or 1 lakh or lac. The symbol used for this unit is lac or l.

What is Billion?

Billion is 1,000,000,000 that follows 999,999,999 and precedes 1,000,000,001. This number is used in the International system of units that is counted to express large numbers and currency. The term billion is inspired from the term “million” with a prefix “bi” which means double. The billion can be written as billion or b.

How to Convert Lakh to Billion- Lakh to Billion Formula

Never do we really have to think of the formula for converting lakh to billion in our day-to-day routine unless it is a part of some significant job.

Let us tell you, it isn’t a challenge to turn lakh in billion, given that you register one simple formula in your head.

Let us understand how to convert lac to billion-

One lakh in billion means 0.0001.

Since 1 lac = 0.0001 billion, all you have to do is multiply your figure, which is in lakh, by 0.0001 and you will have what you are looking for.

Billion= Lakh x 0.0001

An example or two will help you get to it better-

Lakh to billion conversion formula Example 1

You have INR 25 lakh and you’d rather have it expressed in billion. So you are going to use the lac to billion formula in order to have your job done.

Here’s how it looks-

25 x 0.0001 = 0.0025 billion

Therefore, 25 lacs means 0.0025 billion.

Lakh to billion conversion formula Example 2

You have to INR 100 lacs which you’d like to write in billion. So, this is what you are going to do-

100 x 0.0001 = 0.01 billion

Therefore, 100 lacs mean 0.01 billion.

Lakh to Billion Conversion Table

1 lakh is equal to0.0001 billion
2 lakh is equal to 0.0002 billion
3 lakh is equal to0.0003 billion
4 lakh is equal to0.0004 billion
5 lakh is equal to0.0005 billion
6 lakh is equal to0.0006 billion
7 lakh is equal to0.0007 billion
8 lakh is equal to0.0008 billion
9 lakh is equal to0.0009 billion
10 lakh is equal to0.00  billion
20 lakh is equal to0.002 billion
30 lakh is equal to0.003 billion
40 lakh is equal to0.004 billion
50 lakh is equal to0.005 billion
60 lakh is equal to0.006 billion
70 lakh is equal to0.007 billion
80 lakh is equal to0.008 billion
90 lakh is equal to0.009 billion
100 lakh is equal to0.010 billion
1000 lakh is equal to0.1 billion
 10000 lakh is equal to1 billion

Difference Between Lakh and Billion

Basis of ComparisonLakhBillion
MeaningIt is a unit of measurement entailed as per the Indian system of numberingIt is a unit of measurement used in the International System of Numbering
SymbolLac, Lacs, LBillion, B
UsageUsed for large numbers and Indian currencyUsed in the expression of larger numbers and currency
OriginOriginated from the Sanskrit term “Laksa”Inspired by the term “million” with a prefix “bi” meaning two

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

1 billion means 1,000,000,000. Thus, there are 100 lakhs in 1 billion.

Since one lakh converts to 0.0001 billio, the formula for converting lakhs to billions is- lakh x 0.0001. So you have to multiply your figure in lakh by 0.0001 in order to express lakhs in billion.

Yes. One billion is equivalent to 100 lakh.

There are 100 lacs in 1 billion.

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