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Last Updated: May 7, 2021

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1 Cent is equal to Square Meter

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Cent is a unit that is used for measurement of area which is majorly in the southern states of the country in tandem with other units like Ankanam, Guntha and Ground. Several states where this unit is used predominantly for measurement purposes include Karnataka, Andhra Pradesh, Telangana, Kerala and Tamil Nadu among others. The units in the metric system are majorly used for real estate transactions including measurement of land area and plots. 

A cent has achieved a standardized value which is represented as an area of 1/100 acres. A cent works out to the following- 

  • 0.01 acre

  • 0.605 Katha

  • 0.03025 Bigha

  • 48.4 Gaj

  • 9.68 Chatak 

  • 0.01 Killa

  • 0.0004 Murabba

  • 6.05 Ankanam 

  • 0.32266666666667 Biswa 

  • 0.4 Guntha

  • 48.4 Square Yard

  • 0.08 Kanal 

  • 1. 5999941230703 Marla

  • 435.6 Square Feet

  • 62726.440144922 Square Inch

  • 0.1815 Ground

  • 0.0040468603387248 Hectare

The square meter is the measurement unit which is derived from the International System of Units (SI) and this has the symbol of m2. Addition and subtraction of SI prefixes will lead to the creation of sub-multiples and multiples. The quantities here grow exponentially courtesy of the corresponding power of 10. 1 kilometer works out to 103 times of the area of a square meter and also a cubic kilometer works out to 1 cubic meter. 

Here are some of the prefixes which are derived from square meter: 








square meter (centiare)



square meter (centiare)



square decameter (are)



square decimeter



square hectometer (hectare)



square centimetre



square kilometer



square millimeter



square megameter



square micrometer



square gigametre



square nanometer



square terametre



square picometre



square petametre



square femtometre



square exametre



square attometre



square zettametre



square zeptometre



square yottametre



square yoctometre


The relationship of cent to square meter is not hard to understand. 1 cent to square meter works out to approximately 40.468564224 square meters. 1 square meter works out to 0.024710538146717 cents in total. This is the cent to sq meter figure that you should keep in mind. The cent to sqm conversion formula should be kept in mind carefully. If you know the actual figures, then you will not have to worry about the eventual conversion method. The relationship of the two units is of paramount importance. If you get this right, then the conversion procedure will never trouble you. 

Converting from cent to square meter is not such a difficult task, provided you know your figures suitably. 1 cent will contain roughly 40.468564224 square meters while 1 square meter contains 0.024710538146717 cents in total. This is all that you need to know for executing the conversion procedure. The entire system is quite simple indeed. You will only have to multiply the figure in cent by 40.468564224 and this will give you the final figure in square meter. This is basically what you need to do for successfully completing the procedure. This will only take a minimal amount of time and energy on your part. Knowing the conversion procedure and method is vital for undertaking the same if you are involved in land transactions. For buying and selling land in India, it is vital that you know more about cent and square meter among other important units of land area measurement. 

There is a really simple formula that you can use for converting from cent to square meter. This formula is given below as the following- 

Square Meter = Cent * 40.468564224. 

This is the formula that you should keep in mind while converting. This will help you convert varying figures and units. Suppose you wish to convert 100 cent into square meter. Then the method is quite simple. You will have to multiply 100 by 40.468564224 and this will give you a final number of 4046.8564224 square meters. Suppose you wish to convert 1000 Cent into square meter, then the final figure will be 40468.564224 square meter. In this way, you can convert the units seamlessly without any worries. This formula basically your one-stop solution towards getting this conversion implemented successfully without a single hitch. 

CentSquare MeterCent to Square Meter
1 cent40.46 sqm1 cent is equal to 40.46 square meter
2 cent80.92 sqm2 cent is equal to 80.92 square meter
3 cent121.38 sqm3 cent is equal to 121.38 square meter
4 cent161.84 sqm4 cent is equal to 161.84 square meter
5 cent202.3 sqm5 cent is equal to 202.3 square meter
6 cent242.76 sqm6 cent is equal to 242.76 square meter
7 cent283.22 sqm7 cent is equal to 283.22 square meter
8 cent323.68 sqm8 cent is equal to 323.68 square meter
9 cent364.14 sqm9 cent is equal to 364.14 square meter
10 cent404.6 sqm10 cent is equal to 404.6 square meter
11 cent445.06 sqm11 cent is equal to 445.06 square meter
12 cent485.52 sqm12 cent is equal to 485.52 square meter
13 cent525.98 sqm13 cent is equal to 525.98 square meter
14 cent566.44 sqm14 cent is equal to 566.44 square meter
15 cent606.9 sqm15 cent is equal to 606.9 square meter
16 cent647.36 sqm16 cent is equal to 647.36 square meter
17 cent687.82 sqm17 cent is equal to 687.82 square meter
18 cent728.28 sqm18 cent is equal to 728.28 square meter
19 cent768.74 sqm19 cent is equal to 768.74 square meter
20 cent809.2 sqm20 cent is equal to 809.2 square meter
21 cent849.66 sqm21 cent is equal to 849.66 square meter
22 cent890.12 sqm22 cent is equal to 890.12 square meter
23 cent930.58 sqm23 cent is equal to 930.58 square meter
24 cent971.04 sqm24 cent is equal to 971.04 square meter
25 cent1011.5 sqm25 cent is equal to 1011.5 square meter
26 cent1051.96 sqm26 cent is equal to 1051.96 square meter
27 cent1092.42 sqm27 cent is equal to 1092.42 square meter
28 cent1132.88 sqm28 cent is equal to 1132.88 square meter
29 cent1173.34 sqm29 cent is equal to 1173.34 square meter
30 cent1213.8 sqm30 cent is equal to 1213.8 square meter
31 cent1254.26 sqm31 cent is equal to 1254.26 square meter
32 cent1294.72 sqm32 cent is equal to 1294.72 square meter
33 cent1335.18 sqm33 cent is equal to 1335.18 square meter
34 cent1375.64 sqm34 cent is equal to 1375.64 square meter
35 cent1416.1 sqm35 cent is equal to 1416.1 square meter
36 cent1456.56 sqm36 cent is equal to 1456.56 square meter
37 cent1497.02 sqm37 cent is equal to 1497.02 square meter
38 cent1537.48 sqm38 cent is equal to 1537.48 square meter
39 cent1577.94 sqm39 cent is equal to 1577.94 square meter
40 cent1618.4 sqm40 cent is equal to 1618.4 square meter
41 cent1658.86 sqm41 cent is equal to 1658.86 square meter
42 cent1699.32 sqm42 cent is equal to 1699.32 square meter
43 cent1739.78 sqm43 cent is equal to 1739.78 square meter
44 cent1780.24 sqm44 cent is equal to 1780.24 square meter
45 cent1820.7 sqm45 cent is equal to 1820.7 square meter
46 cent1861.16 sqm46 cent is equal to 1861.16 square meter
47 cent1901.62 sqm47 cent is equal to 1901.62 square meter
48 cent1942.08 sqm48 cent is equal to 1942.08 square meter
49 cent1982.54 sqm49 cent is equal to 1982.54 square meter
50 cent2023 sqm50 cent is equal to 2023 square meter
51 cent2063.46 sqm51 cent is equal to 2063.46 square meter
52 cent2103.92 sqm52 cent is equal to 2103.92 square meter
53 cent2144.38 sqm53 cent is equal to 2144.38 square meter
54 cent2184.84 sqm54 cent is equal to 2184.84 square meter
55 cent2225.3 sqm55 cent is equal to 2225.3 square meter
56 cent2265.76 sqm56 cent is equal to 2265.76 square meter
57 cent2306.22 sqm57 cent is equal to 2306.22 square meter
58 cent2346.68 sqm58 cent is equal to 2346.68 square meter
59 cent2387.14 sqm59 cent is equal to 2387.14 square meter
60 cent2427.6 sqm60 cent is equal to 2427.6 square meter
61 cent2468.06 sqm61 cent is equal to 2468.06 square meter
62 cent2508.52 sqm62 cent is equal to 2508.52 square meter
63 cent2548.98 sqm63 cent is equal to 2548.98 square meter
64 cent2589.44 sqm64 cent is equal to 2589.44 square meter
65 cent2629.9 sqm65 cent is equal to 2629.9 square meter
66 cent2670.36 sqm66 cent is equal to 2670.36 square meter
67 cent2710.82 sqm67 cent is equal to 2710.82 square meter
68 cent2751.28 sqm68 cent is equal to 2751.28 square meter
69 cent2791.74 sqm69 cent is equal to 2791.74 square meter
70 cent2832.2 sqm70 cent is equal to 2832.2 square meter
71 cent2872.66 sqm71 cent is equal to 2872.66 square meter
72 cent2913.12 sqm72 cent is equal to 2913.12 square meter
73 cent2953.58 sqm73 cent is equal to 2953.58 square meter
74 cent2994.04 sqm74 cent is equal to 2994.04 square meter
75 cent3034.5 sqm75 cent is equal to 3034.5 square meter
76 cent3074.96 sqm76 cent is equal to 3074.96 square meter
77 cent3115.42 sqm77 cent is equal to 3115.42 square meter
78 cent3155.88 sqm78 cent is equal to 3155.88 square meter
79 cent3196.34 sqm79 cent is equal to 3196.34 square meter
80 cent3236.8 sqm80 cent is equal to 3236.8 square meter
81 cent3277.26 sqm81 cent is equal to 3277.26 square meter
82 cent3317.72 sqm82 cent is equal to 3317.72 square meter
83 cent3358.18 sqm83 cent is equal to 3358.18 square meter
84 cent3398.64 sqm84 cent is equal to 3398.64 square meter
85 cent3439.1 sqm85 cent is equal to 3439.1 square meter
86 cent3479.56 sqm86 cent is equal to 3479.56 square meter
87 cent3520.02 sqm87 cent is equal to 3520.02 square meter
88 cent3560.48 sqm88 cent is equal to 3560.48 square meter
89 cent3600.94 sqm89 cent is equal to 3600.94 square meter
90 cent3641.4 sqm90 cent is equal to 3641.4 square meter
91 cent3681.86 sqm91 cent is equal to 3681.86 square meter
92 cent3722.32 sqm92 cent is equal to 3722.32 square meter
93 cent3762.78 sqm93 cent is equal to 3762.78 square meter
94 cent3803.24 sqm94 cent is equal to 3803.24 square meter
95 cent3843.7 sqm95 cent is equal to 3843.7 square meter
96 cent3884.16 sqm96 cent is equal to 3884.16 square meter
97 cent3924.62 sqm97 cent is equal to 3924.62 square meter
98 cent3965.08 sqm98 cent is equal to 3965.08 square meter
99 cent4005.54 sqm99 cent is equal to 4005.54 square meter
100 cent4046 sqm100 cent is equal to 4046 square meter

Cent is a unit for land measurement that is majorly used throughout India. It is predominantly used throughout southern Indian States including Karnataka, Kerala, Telangana, Tamil Nadu and Andhra Pradesh. Cent is popular as a land measurement unit and has found several takers amongst locals and residents of various territories and regions in the country. They rely on cent for measuring residential and other plots and also for working out prices of land deals and transactions. It is still an important land measurement unit in India. 

Square Meter is an important unit for measuring area and is held as acceptable within the aegis of the SI (International System of Units). It has gained acceptance in India as well. Several real estate and land transactions follow square meters for measurement of overall land area. It is also used for measuring sizes of bigger plots along with sizes and available spaces of interior areas, rooms and houses. Square meter is used in several global countries as well. It is one of the vital units that you should know when it comes to mainstream global real estate transactions.


  • Q: How to calculate cent to square meter ?

    A: The calculation procedure is quite simple indeed. You should first know the accurate values of both cent and square meter vis a vis each other, i.e. their relationship to each other. Once you know this, then you can easily conduct the conversion or calculation procedure. Coming to the mathematical part of the procedure, you only have to multiply the figure in cent by 40.468564224. This is all you need to do for obtaining the final number in square meter. This procedure is quite simple and you can do any conversion swiftly. For instance, if you are converting 100 cent to square meter, then you only have to multiply 100 by 40.468564224. This will give you a final figure of 4046.8564224 square meter. This is how fast the process actually works!

  • Q: What is the formula for converting cent to square meter?

    A: There is a simple formula in place for converting cent to square meter. This is not at all complex or difficult to process. The formula has been given below for your perusal- Square Meter = Cent * 40.468564224. This is all you need to do for getting hold of the final figure in square meter for any value of the cent in India.

  • Q: How many square meters in 1 cent?

    A: 1 cent contains 40.468564224 square meters in total.

  • Q: How many cents in 1 square meter?

    A: 1 square meter contains 0.024710538146717 cents in all.

  • Q: What are cent and square meter used for?

    A: Cent is used throughout several parts of India, particularly the southern States, with respect to land transactions and measuring land area. Square meter is also used for measurement of land area and even areas and available spaces for houses, rooms and bigger residential plots of land. Both units are popularly used throughout India although they are not as much in vogue as square feet, Bigha or acre for instance. Yet, their relevance is undisputed in the mainstream real estate industry and particularly because land transactions make up a large part of the sector in India. Square meter is also used in several global nations and other countries for area measurement purposes. Cent is majorly a land measurement unit that is used in India.

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Common Cent to Square Meter Conversions

CentSquare Meter
1 cent40.46 sqm
2 cent80.92 sqm
3 cent121.38 sqm
4 cent161.84 sqm
5 cent202.3 sqm
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