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1 Decimeter is equal to 10.00 Centimeter

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When it comes to preferable measurement units, people usually count on Centimeters, Millimeters, and Meters. The use of Decimeters is limited, but its importance cannot be neglected. Centimeters are broadly accepted, as almost every object can be conveniently measured in Centimeters. Yet, you cannot deny the fact that Decimeters are quite closer to the Foot in the measurement scale. To make the measurement part easier, sometimes being familiar with the unit conversion becomes essential. One such vital conversion is Decimeter to Centimeter conversion [dm to cm]. Well, there is a lot to know about these units to put forward an easy 1 dm to cm conversion. Keep scrolling to understand how these units relate to one another, convert dm to cm, steps to compute values through dm to cm converter, and much more. 

What is a Decimeter?

Decimeter is one of the prominently used length measurement units and equates to 1/10th of a Meter. Being a unit of length, the decimeter had made its place in the metric mainstream system. Widely termed as Deci, it is widely used as a scale of measurement. Following up, a Meter is equivalent to 100 Centimeters. With these related terms, conversion of Decimeter to Centimeter becomes quite easier. The Decimeter is denoted as “dm” and internationally it is spelled as Decimetre. 

Measurement of Decimeter in Different Units

1 Decimeter 0.0001 (km) Kilometer
1 Decimeter 100 Millimeter 
1 Decimeter 100000000 Nanometer
1 Decimeter 0.1093613298 Yard
1 Decimeter 6.21371E-5 Mile
1 Decimeter 3.937007874 Inch
1 Decimeter 5.39957E-5 Nautical Mile
1 Decimeter 1.0E-10 Gigameter
1 Decimeter 10 Centimeter

What is a Centimeter?

A Centimeter is a length measurement unit that has got worldwide acceptance and is enlisted with the international metric system. A centimeter is equivalent to 1/100th of a single meter. Additionally, one centimeter also equates to 0.39370 Inches in total. People around the globe pin their hopes on Centimeters for day-to-day measurements, as it is said to be the practical unit of length. In simple words, you can relate a Centimeter with the length of the fingernail to get an approximation of its measurement. 

You can have a clear idea about centimeters through the ruler you used in your school days. Remember that scale? We embrace measurement in Centimeters. In general, a centimeter is used for the measurement of length between objects or to determine the dimension of smaller objects. One inescapable fact about this preferable measurement unit is its spelling. Internationally it is spelled as Centimetre and in the abbreviated form it is written as “cm”.

Measurement of Centimeter in Different Units

One Centimeter 1.0E-5 Kilometer
One Centimeter 10 Millimeter 
One Centimeter 10000000 Nanometer
One Centimeter 0.010936133 Yard
One Centimeter 6.2137119223733E-6 Mile
One Centimeter 0.3937007874 Inch
One Centimeter 5.3995680345572E-6 Nautical Mile
One Centimeter 1.0E-11 Gigameter
One Centimeter 0.1 Decimeter 

Relationship between Decimeter and Centimeter

To convert a Decimeter to Centimeter (dm into cm),  one needs to understand how these units relate to one another. The connecting nod acts as a key factor and permits dm to cm conversion. Both decimeter and centimeter are used for the purpose of length measurement internationally. 

One Decimeter equates to 10 Centimeters and One Centimeter is equivalent to 0.1 Decimeter. These values act as a conversion factor to convert dm into cm and vice-versa. 

Hence, the relationship can be defined as:

One Decimeter = 10 Centimeters

One Centimeter = 0.1 Decimeter

How to Convert from Decimeter to Centimeter?

After understanding the relationship between Decimeter and Centimeter, let’s move to the procedure to convert dm to cm. One can either stick to the dm to cm converter or can rely on the decimeter to cm conversion formula. It thoroughly depends on one’s interest. 

To compute values through the dm to cm converter, enter values in the given text area and the resultant converted value will be shown on your screen. It is the foremost option when you are rushing out of time and need to convert dm into cm instantly. 

Moreover, you can count on the dm to cm conversion formula too as the formula is easy. To convert a value from Decimeter to Centimeter, just multiply it by 10. 

In simple words, the following formula is used to convert dm into cm: 

Centimeter = Decimeter * 10

The only point you need to remember is 1 dm to cm is equivalent to 10, and it acts as a conversion ratio for the computation of Decimeter to cm conversion. 

Formula for Converting Decimeter to Centimeter

To convert a Decimeter to Centimeter, counting on a conversion calculator is not enough, as having access to a calculator is quite impossible. Thus, being familiar with the formula is equally important. 

The formula to convert dm into cm is:

Centimeter = Decimeter * 10

All you have to do is put the value in the formula and multiply it by 10. For instance, to convert 30 dm into cm:

Centimeter = 30 *10

That is equal to 300 Centimeters.

Examples to Understand Decimeter to Centimeter Formula

Go through the depicted examples to understand how the conversion formula actually works and how to compute values through the dm to cm conversion formula.

[Using formula: Centimeter = Decimeter * 10]

Convert 40 dm into cm

To convert 40 dm to cm, multiply 40 by 10 i.e. conversion ratio

40 dm to cm is equal to 400 Centimeters

Convert 50 dm into cm

To convert 50 dm to cm, multiply 50 by 10 i.e. conversion ratio

50 dm to cm is equal to 500 Centimeters

Convert 60 dm into cm

To convert 60 dm to cm, multiply 60 by 10 i.e. conversion ratio

60 dm to cm is equal to 600 Centimeters

Convert 70 dm into cm

To convert 70 dm to cm, multiply 70 by 10 i.e. conversion ratio

70 dm to cm is equal to 700 Centimeters

Convert 80 dm into cm

To convert 80 dm to cm, multiply 80 by 10 i.e. conversion ratio

80 dm to cm is equal to 800 Centimeters

Decimeter to Centimeter Conversion Table

Keeping the time constraint into consideration we have prepared a Decimeter to Centimeter conversion table which consists of dm v cm values. It will help you to access the converted values in one go. Just refer the dm into cm conversion chart and avail of the values without any computation. 

Decimeter (dm) Centimeter(ccm) Decimeter to Centimeter [dm to cm]
1 dm 10 cm 1 Decimeter is equal to 10 Centimeter
2 dm 20 cm 2 Decimeter is equal to 20 Centimeter
3 dm 30 cm 3 Decimeter is equal to 30 Centimeter
4 dm 40 cm 4 Decimeter is equal to 40 Centimeter
5 dm 50 cm 5 Decimeter is equal to 50 Centimeters
6 dm 60 cm 6 Decimeter is equal to 60 Centimeters
7 dm 70 cm 7 Decimeter is equal to 70 Centimeters
8 dm 80 cm 8 Decimeter is equal to 80 Centimeters
9 dm 90 cm 9 Decimeter is equal to 90 Centimeters
10 dm 100 cm 10 Decimeter is equal to 100 Centimeters
11 dm 110 cm 11 Decimeter is equal to 110 Centimeters
12 dm 120 cm 12 Decimeter is equal to 120 Centimeters
13 dm 130 cm 13 Decimeter is equal to 130 Centimeters
14 dm 140 cm 14 Decimeter is equal to 140 Centimeters
15 dm 150 cm 15 Decimeter is equal to 1500 Centimeters
16 dm 160 cm 16 Decimeter is equal to 160 Centimeters
17 dm 170 cm 17 Decimeter is equal to 170 Centimeters
18 dm 180 cm 18 Decimeter is equal to 180 Centimeters
19 dm 190 cm 19 Decimeter is equal to 190 Centimeters
20 dm 200 cm 20 Decimeter is equal to 200 Centimeters
21 dm 210 cm 21 Decimeter is equal to 210 Centimeters
22 dm 220 cm 22 Decimeter is equal to 220 Centimeters
23 dm 230 cm 23 Decimeter is equal to 230 Centimeters
24 dm 240 cm 24 Decimeter is equal to 240 Centimeters
25 dm 250 cm 25 Decimeter is equal to 250 Centimeters
26 dm 260 cm 26 Decimeter is equal to 260 Centimeters
27 dm 270 cm 27 Decimeter is equal to 270 Centimeters
28 dm 280 cm 28 Decimeter is equal to 280 Centimeters
29 dm 290 cm 29 Decimeter is equal to 290 Centimeters
30 dm 300 cm 30 Decimeter is equal to 300 Centimeters
31 dm 310 cm 31 Decimeter is equal to 310 Centimeters
32 dm 320 cm 32 Decimeter is equal to 320 Centimeters
33 dm 330 cm 33Decimeter is equal to 330 Centimeters
34 dm 340 cm 34 Decimeter is equal to 340 Centimeters
35 dm 350 cm 35 Decimeter is equal to 350 Centimeters
36 dm 360 cm 36 Decimeter is equal to 360 Centimeters
37 dm 370 cm 37 Decimeter is equal to 370 Centimeters
38 dm 380 cm 38 Decimeter is equal to 380 Centimeters
39 dm 390 cm 39 Decimeter is equal to 390 Centimeters
40 dm 400 cm 40 Decimeter is equal to 400 Centimeters
41 dm 410 cm 41 Decimeter is equal to 410 Centimeters
42 dm 420 cm 42 Decimeter is equal to 420 Centimeters
43 dm 430 cm 43 Decimeter is equal to 430 Centimeters
44 dm 440 cm 44 Decimeter is equal to 440 Centimeters
45 dm 450 cm 45 Decimeter is equal to 450 Centimeters
46 dm 460 cm 46 Decimeter is equal to 460 Centimeters
47 dm 470 cm 47 Decimeter is equal to 470 Centimeters
48 dm 480 cm 48 Decimeter is equal to 480 Centimeters
49 dm 490 cm 49 Decimeter is equal to 490 Centimeters
50 dm 500 cm 50 Decimeter is equal to 500 Centimeters
51 dm 510 cm 51 Decimeter is equal to 510 Centimeters
52 dm 520 cm 52 Decimeter is equal to 520 Centimeters
53 dm 530 cm 53 Decimeter is equal to 530 Centimeters
54 dm 540 cm 54 Decimeter is equal to 540 Centimeters
55 dm 550 cm 55 Decimeter is equal to 550 Centimeters
56 dm 560 cm 56 Decimeter is equal to 560 Centimeters
57 dm 570 cm 57 Decimeter is equal to 570 Centimeters
58 dm 580 cm 58 Decimeter is equal to 580 Centimeters
59 dm 590 cm 59 Decimeter is equal to 590 Centimeters
60 dm 600 cm 60 Decimeter is equal to 600 Centimeters
61 dm 610 cm 61 Decimeter is equal to 610 Centimeters
62 dm 620 cm 62 Decimeter is equal to 620 Centimeters
63 dm 630 cm 63 Decimeter is equal to 630 Centimeters
64 dm 640 cm 64 Decimeter is equal to 640 Centimeters
65 dm 650 cm 65 Decimeter is equal to 650 Centimeters
66 dm 660 cm 66 Decimeter is equal to 660 Centimeters
67 dm 670 cm 67 Decimeter is equal to 670 Centimeters
68 dm 680 cm 68 Decimeter is equal to 680 Centimeters
69 dm 690 cm 69 Decimeter is equal to 690 Centimeters
70 dm 700 cm 70 Decimeter is equal to 700 Centimeters
71 dm 710 cm 71 Decimeter is equal to 710 Centimeters
72 dm 720 cm 72 Decimeter is equal to 720 Centimeters
73 dm 730 cm 73 Decimeter is equal to 730 Centimeters
74 dm 740 cm 74 Decimeter is equal to 740 Centimeters
75 dm 750 cm 75 Decimeter is equal to 750 Centimeters
76 dm 760 cm 76 Decimeter is equal to 760 Centimeters
77 dm 770 cm 77 Decimeter is equal to 770 Centimeters
78 dm 780 cm 78 Decimeter is equal to 780 Centimeters
79 dm 790 cm 79 Decimeter is equal to 790 Centimeters
80 dm 800 cm 80 Decimeter is equal to 800 Centimeters
81 dm 810 cm 81 Decimeter is equal to 810 Centimeters
82 dm 820 cm 82 Decimeter is equal to 820 Centimeters
83 dm 830 cm 83 Decimeter is equal to 830 Centimeters
84 dm 840 cm 84 Decimeter is equal to 840 Centimeters
85 dm 850 cm 85 Decimeter is equal to 850 Centimeters
86 dm 860 cm 86 Decimeter is equal to 860 Centimeters
87 dm 870 cm 87 Decimeter is equal to 870 Centimeters
88 dm 880 cm 88 Decimeter is equal to 880 Centimeters
89 dm 890 cm 89 Decimeter is equal to 890 Centimeters
90 dm 900 cm 90 Decimeter is equal to 900 Centimeters
91 dm 910 cm 91 Decimeter is equal to 910 Centimeters
92 dm 920 cm 92 Decimeter is equal to 920 Centimeters
93 dm 930 cm 93 Decimeter is equal to 930 Centimeters
94 dm 940 cm 94 Decimeter is equal to 940 Centimeters
95 dm 950 cm 95 Decimeter is equal to 950 Centimeters
96 dm 960 cm 96 Decimeter is equal to 960 Centimeters
97 dm 970 cm 97 Decimeter is equal to 970 Centimeters
98 dm 980 cm 98 Decimeter is equal to 980 Centimeters
99 dm 990 cm 99 Decimeter is equal to 990 Centimeters
100 dm 1000 cm 100 Decimeter is equal to 1000 Centimeters

Current Use of Decimeter

The Decimeter is not used globally as a length measurement unit but has its significance.  A Decimeter is larger than  Centimeter and Millimeter. Decimeter is a metric unit which is used for the measurement of distance or length. The Decimeter can be used as dm in its abbreviated form. It is used for diverse purposes including measurement of tennis courts for instance.

Current Use of Centimeter

Centimeters are extensively used across the globe for scenarios where people need a meter’s smaller denomination. Height is usually measured in centimeters especially in the United States. Additionally, it is used to determine the distance between two objects. 


Use our online Decimeter to Centimeter or dm to cm conversion calculator to compute values in a fraction of a second. Additionally, being familiar with the formula will help you deal with conversion in uncertain situations when having access to a calculator is next to impossible. By being familiar with the units and conversion method you can make your tasks hassle-free. There is a lot more to explore in measurement units and their conversion. Refer to our conversion guides and become a master of unit conversion.

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Frequently Asked Questions

How to calculate Decimeter to Cm?

To convert a value from Decimeter to Cm, use the conversion formula:

Centimeter = Decimeter * 10

For example, to convert 20 dm to cm

Multiply 20 by 10 and the resultant value i.e. 200 Centimeters will be the requisite converted value.

What is the formula for converting a Decimeter to cm?

The formula to convert Decimeter to cm is

Centimeter = Decimeter * 10

How many cm in 1 Decimeter?

There are 10 Centimeters in 1 Decimeter.

How many Decimeters in 1 cm?

There are 0.1 Decimeters in 1 Cm.

What are Decimeters and cm used for?

Centimeters are broadly used for the purpose of length  measurement especially when a smaller denomination of Meter is required. Decimeters are equally essential when it comes to measurement of small objects, although it is not used globally.

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