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Real Estate is one of the leading markets operating in India. Large-scale undertakings like the development of residential projects, commercial buildings, selling and buying of cultivational lands are always being carried out. As a result, newcomers to this market are increasing in number day by day with investments and launching of construction works. All these operations are carried out based on the area of the land or property. Hence, it is vital that you learn the values of such conversion of units like Ares/Are to Bigha, Bigha to Square Metres, Square Metres to Acre and so on.  

Having a basic knowledge of these units will impair a better understanding of the market analysis and enable you to grow with your investments in this profession. Therefore, let us dig deeper to get resourceful insights on these units so that you can easily derive their credentials and change them into your desired or demanded units. 


Bigha can be described in terms of the following pointers:

  • A traditional unit of measuring area of a given land.
  • Formerly known as ‘beegah’.
  • Common in countries like India, Bangladesh and Nepal.
  • Popular in Indian states like Rajasthan, Gujrat, Assam, West Bengal, Punjab, Bihar and a few others.
  • Bigha does not have any standard size.
  • Thus, the size of this unit of measurement varies from place to place. 
  • It has two sub-divisions or sub-unit called Biswa (Bisa) and Katha (Katta). 

Since measurement of Bigha varies from one place to another, therefore, it is estimated to be ranging from 1,500 to 6,771 square metres. However, in some smaller pockets, it could go up to 12,400 square metres.

Conversion of Bigha into Various Units if Measurement

 Ares/Are to Bigha

  • Listed in the metric system, Ares is also a unit of area. 
  • It was used as a basic unit of the area until square metres replaced it when the SI unit system was adopted.
  • An are is equal to the measurement of 100 square metres. 
  • It is even equivalent to 0.0247 Acres. 
  • 100 Ares make a Hectare.
  • Value of 1 Ares/Are to Bigha is 0.617119 Bigha.

 Square Feet to Bigha

  • Square foot is a non-SI and a non-metric unit which is also known as U.S. Customary Unit of Area.
  • It is also listed as an imperial unit.
  • Square foot is recognized and used all over the globe.
  • A square foot is defined as a square area with the sides measuring one foot in length. 
  • Square feet is most commonly used in buildings, apartments, offices, and so on. 
  • 1 Square foot is equal to 144 square inches and is also equivalent to one-ninth (0.11) of a square yard. 
  • 1 Square foot is also same as 0.0929 Square Metres. 
  • To convert any value of Square Feet to Bigha, it would be better to take an aid of the online calculator rather than do it manually as the value of one square foot is equal to 0.00003673094582 Bigha. 

 Square Metre to Bigha

  • Square Metre is the SI derived unit of area.
  • It is symbolized by the denotation m2.
  • One Square Metre is equivalent to 0.0003953686105 Bigha.
  • Conversion of Square Metre to Bigha could be done well by an online calculator as you will have to multiply the value with the above-stated number in Bigha. 
  • One Square Metre also accounts for measurements like: 

- 0.01 Ares.

- 0.0001 Hectares.

- 1.195990 Square Yards.

- 10.763911 Square Feet.

- 1550.0031 Square Inches. 

 Square Yards to Bigha

  • Square Yard can be defined as a square area that comprises of sides measuring one yard in length. Length of one yard is further classified as three feet, thirty-six inches and 0.9144 metres.
  • Square Yards can be recognized by symbols like sq. yd., yd2, sq. yard, and so on. There isn’t any fixed denotation for this unit.
  • It is indeed an imperial unit of area. 
  • In India and Pakistan, it is termed as ‘gaj’ and ‘gaz’ respectively. 
  • This unit of area is also popular in western countries like Canada, the U.K. and the U.S.
  • Measurement of one Square Yard to Bigha is 0.0003305785446 Bigha. Therefore, if you are asked to convert, say, for example, 20 Square yards to Bigha then you will have to multiply the number with the above-mentioned value like you have done for the previous conversions. 
  • 9 Square feet accounts for the area covered by a square yard.
  • One Square Yard is also equal to 1,296 square inches and equivalent to 0.83612736 square metres.

 Hectare to Bigha

  • Hectares is one of the non-SI metric units of measuring area.
  • Hectare is defined as the area of a square with each side measuring 100 metres in length. 
  • Huge landmasses are measured under this unit.
  • One Hectare is equal to:

- 3.953686105 Bigha.

- 2.47 Acres.

- 11,960 Square Yards

- 1,07,639 Square Feet.

- 10,000 Square Metres.

  • Therefore, conversion of any unit like Hectare to Bigha or Hectare to Acre can be done based on the measurements listed above. All you need to do is multiple the number with the above-listed values to convert them in the units asked for.

 Acre to Bigha

  • An acre is also used to measure huge surface areas of land.
  • Definition of an acre is “the area of one chain by one furlong.”
  • An acre is used under both the Imperial and the U.S. Customary Units. 
  • One Acre is equivalent to:

- 10 Square Chains.

- 43,560 Square Feet.

- 4.047 Square Metres.

- 4,840 Square Yards.

  • As mentioned earlier that Bigha does not comprise of a standard size, hence, the value of one Acre in Bigha is different in different states. Like in Himachal Pradesh, 1 Acre is equal to 5 Bighas, whereas, in West Bengal 1 Acre is equivalent to 1.5983 Bigha. 
  • Therefore, before you multiply and convert Acres to Bigha, make sure you derive the correct measurement for Bigha in that particular area or the given state. 

 Guntha to Bigha

  • Another word for Guntha is Gunta.
  • It is mainly implemented for measuring the size of a piece of land.
  • This traditional unit of area is popularly used in India and Pakistan.
  • One Guntha =

- 0.04 Bigha.

- 101.1714 Square Metres.

- 120.999 Square Yards.

- 1,089 Square Feet.

  • Also, note that 40 Guntha constitute to make an acre. 
  • For example, let us convert 40 Guntha to Bigha. Therefore, 40 x 0.4 i.e., 16 Bigha. Thus, 40 Guntha is equal to 16 Bigha.

 Ground to Bigha

  • Ground is another traditional unit of area.
  • It is equal to the area covered by 203 Square Metres (or 2,190 Square Feet)
  • Among the real estate dealer, one ground is considered as 2,400 Square Feet when construction works are undertaken.
  • However, the value of One Ground is also equivalent to 0.08816720013 Bigha. 
  • Conversion of units, when multiplied by a decimal number, becomes difficult when done manually. Therefore, to save time and effort, there are many online calculation tools available. Thus, you can change any number of Ground to Bigha by the help of such tools instead of doing it by yourself. 

 Biswa to Bigha

  • Biswa is a sub-unit of Bigha. Together with Katha, it forms Bigha.
  • Like Bigha, Biswa too has no standard size. Thus, measurement varies from place to place.
  • 1 Biswa is equal to 0.05 Bigha. Therefore, if you are asked to change 200 Biswa to Bigha then you will need to multiply 200 by 0.05. Thus, 200 Biswa covers an area of 10 Bigha. 

 Kanal to Bigha

  • Kanal is a popular unit of area in parts of India and Pakistan.
  • Value of Kanal is equivalent to 4,500 Square Feet (i.e., one-eighth of an acre).
  • It is indeed a primitive unit of measuring area.
  • One Kanal is also equal to 0.5 Bigha.
  • If you are asked to change 5 Kanal to Bigha then simply get the value by multiplying 5 Kanal to 0.5 Bigha. 
  • Thus, 5 Kanal = 2.5 Bigha.


1.How much is 1 Are in Bigha?

1 Are is equal to 0.617119 Bigha.

2.How many Square Metres make a Bigha?

One Bigha comprises of 2529.285263 Square Metres.

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