LMC Ludhiana: Municipal Corporation of Ludhiana

Ludhiana Municipal Corporation.

In the year 1978, Municipal Corporation first came into action and finally in the year 1992 Municipal Corporation Ludhiana was launched. The first elected mayor of MCL was Chaudhary Sat Prakash, S. Surjit Singh Ahluwalia become the Senior Deputy Mayor. 

At that time there were only 50 members in the MCL but with time they have now increased to 75 with 6 MLA members. Even the budget of MCL has crossed Rs. 700 crores which were Rs. 50 Crore in the year 1970.

You can visit the main website here – mcludhiana[dot]gov[dot]in

You can also read our blog and grab the complete information on how to do registration for birth, death, and marriage certification, how to pay water bills online, trade license renewal, and much more.

Services of Ludhiana Municipal Corporation

There are many functions that are fulfilled by the Municipal Corporation Ludhiana. Here is the list of services offered by them in order to make their citizen’s lives better, healthy, and smart.

  • The online Cow Cess Payment System
  • PET Registration
  • Offers death and birth certificate
  • Provide marriage certificates
  • Better water and sewage systems
  • Ludhiana city bus services
  • All information about you using UID (if you want to know about yourself)
  • TS-1 copy
  • Online complaint tracking system
  • Creating Challan Search
  • GPS tracking of SWM vehicles
  • Swach Bharat Abhiyaan
  • Trade License new or renew
  • Air Pollution Complaints
  • Property Search
  • E-payments for waste disposal, sewage solutions, and water bills
  • Work management system
  • Validating property tax receipt
  • Store management reports
  • Grievance Portal
  • GIS Maps
  • Filing for property tax

How to Get a Birth Certificate in Ludhiana Municipal Corporation?

You can obtain the birth certificate in Ludhiana using either an offline or online method. We have mentioned below the steps to do that.

Offline Process of Getting Birth Certificate in LMC

Here are the steps to get a birth certificate offline-

  • You must download the form from the online portal of Ludhiana Municipal Corporation. 
  • Make sure you have all the documents required to get a birth certificate available with you. 

Online Process of Getting Birth Certificate in LMC

You can follow these steps to file for birth certificate Ludhiana online:

Step 1: Visit the official website – http://www[dot]mcludhiana[dot]gov[dot]in/birth_death.html   

Step 2: Click on the “Apply for Birth/Death Certificate” option.

Step 3: You will be redirected to


Step 4: The applicant has to fulfil all the details of the form asked for. 

Step 5: Now you have to click on the proceed option.

Step 6: Further you will receive an application number that you will have to use further for tracking the birth certificate.

Step 7: You have to visit the page – http://www[dot]mcludhiana[dot]gov[dot]in/c 

Step 8: Press the option – “track birth-death application” 

Step 9: Enter the application number – https://esewa[dot]punjab[dot]gov[dot]in/trackStatus 

Step 10: Hit the submit button.

Now, you can easily see the tracking details. 

Required Documents for Birth Registration in LMC

Take a look at the below-mentioned documents required for birth certificate registration and the terms incurred by different events that you must keep by.

  • The register record- In case the birth has taken place at the hospital or dispensary, this record will do.
  • In case the birth has taken place at home then the individual would reach out to the local body with Aadhaar and address proof and the information detailed in writing. It will be scrutinized after which the certificate will be issued. 
  • Address proof of the parents (Voter ID card, Driving License etc.)
  • Aadhaar Card of parents
  • Name of the Parents
  • DOB of the child
  • Location of Residence
  • Hospital discharge certificate or the certificate of doctor
  • In case of no record for birth from dispensary/ hospital, the village head or Regional Councilor or MLA or MP or MBS Certificate with signature and stamp along with any of the doctors has to be submitted
  • In case the registration is delayed, an affidavit from Notary or judicial magistrate will be required (with mention of the date & place of birth, evidence of the birth event and names of parents).
  • One should obtain a NOC, the No-Objection Certificate, in case of the failure of birth registration within the set period of 21 days. 
  • You must fetch permission from the authorities in case you have applied for registration after one month and within a year. 
  • You must get a judicial order from the Magistrate and have a copy of the order to attach it with the application form in case you have applied after one year.

How to Get a Death Certificate in Ludhiana Municipal Corporation?

We have mentioned some steps, that you have to follow to register a death in Ludhiana:

  • The applicant has to register the death of an individual within 21 days.
  • Death can only be registered by the family member, life partner, or children of the deceased person.

Some Important Details for Death Certificate in LMC

  • Name of the expired person
  • The date on which the death has taken place
  • The gender of the deceased person
  • Father or Husband’s name of the departed person
  • Address proof of the deceased person
  • The age at the time of death of the departed individual.

Online Process of Getting Death Certificate in LMC

Step1:Visit the Municipal Corporation Ludhiana official website – www[dot]mcludhiana[dot]gov[dot]in/birth_death.html   

Step 2: Click on the “Apply for Birth/Death Certificate” option.

Step 3: You will be redirected to


Step 4: The claimant has to fill in all the information. 

Step 5: Click on the proceed option.

Step 6: You will get an application number that you have to use for tracking the death certificate.

Step 7: Now visit the page – http://www[dot]mcludhiana[dot]gov[dot]in/ 

Step 8: Click on the option – “track birth-death application” 

Step 9: Enter the application number – https://esewa[dot]punjab[dot]gov[dot]in/trackStatus 

Step 10: Hit the submit button.

You can easily see the tracking details. 

How to Get a Marriage Certificate in Ludhiana Municipal Corporation?

Offline Process of Getting Marriage Certificate in LMC

Step 1: Marriage registration has to be applied to their respective registrar where the husband or wife stays.

Step 2: They have to visit the Sewa Kendra

Step 3: Make sure that the application form is obtained from a respective office

Step 4: Submit the form signed by both husband and wife along with documents attested to the form.

Step 5: Once all the verification is done by the registrar then the applicant will get a receipt.

Step 6: On the scheduled date both the persons have to visit the premises on the registration date.

Step 7: Both parties now have to get married on a scheduled date in the presence of Gazette officer, witnesses, and registrar.

Step 8: Along with the claimants the witnesses also have to sign the registry.

Step 9: Both the partners will get their marriage certificates on the same day.

Step 10: And, if the application for marriage registration is already done in advance then authorities will look for any person who is objected to from the marriage. If no one objects then on the day of marriage, the certificate will be issued. The officers only wait for a 30 days time period.

Online Process of Getting Marriage Certificate in LMC 

Step 1: You have to visit the online portal: http://www[dot]punjab[dot]gov[dot]in/ 

Step 2: You have to then select the option of “online services.”

Step 3: You will see that a new page is open in a new tab.

Step 4: You can further fill in the details and submit them. Or you can kindly visit the Sewa Kendra.

Required Documents for Marriage Registration in LMC

Individuals who are registering for a marriage certificate have to provide all the necessary documents as mentioned.

  • They have to fill the complete application form.
  • Both the partners have to share their current address proof – Ration card, Passport, Voter Id, etc.
  • Photographs passport sizes – Two
  • Identity proof
  • Two photos of the bride and groom together clicked during the marriage ceremony.
  • Separate marriage affidavit in a format described by the government from both husband and wife.
  • The proof of date of birth of both the husband and wife such as 10th mark sheet, birth certificate, etc.
  • Aadhar Card and Marriage Invitation Card
  • Three witnesses to certify the marriage along with their Identity proofs.
  • Affidavits that both partners are marrying each other willingly. 
  • Decree of divorce if one of them is a divorcee.
  • Death certificate of a spouse if any of the people is a widow or widower.

Note: Make sure that all mentioned documents must be attested by a Gazette Officer.

How to Get a Trade License Renewal Online in Ludhiana Municipal Corporation?

A trade license is a document given by the government to small businesses to further carry out their trade or business within a corporation or municipal limit. Also, the process differs from one state to another state. The main purpose of a trade license is to make sure that no one is doing business according to the rules and regulations and other safety guidelines. Also, the absence of this trade license can charge small business persons to pay a heavy penalty fee.

Renewal of Punjab Trade License in LMC

To renew the trade license, one has to apply for renewal at least 30 days prior to its expiration date, that is a month before the end of the financial year. You can also renew your license in the last three months but not prior to three months. 

The renewal fee is also the same as the original fee.

Note: The renewal fees vary as per the type of business, the state, and in which category one’s business falls. The price falls between ₹ 300 to ₹ 1000 yearly depending on the above-discussed three factors.

If you want to apply for trade license you must follow the steps written below:

Application Procedure for Punjab Trade License in LMC

Step 1: The applicant needs to visit the nearest municipal corporation Ludhiana office where the factory, establishment, or company is situated or intends to situate.

Step 2: They have to submit the application in the prescribed format and all the necessary documents.

Step 3: After submitting the form and documents one will receive an acknowledgement slip and the application number issued from the office.

Step 4:As soon as the inspection is complete you will be notified.

Step 5: If in case after the application is analyzed and found some mistakes, the secretary will either approve or object along with suggestions. 

Step 6:You will soon get the trade license once the secretary approves the application and the fees will be paid.

Step 7:You will get the trade license.

How to Pay Property Tax Online Ludhiana Municipal Corporation?

The steps to pay Municipal corporation Ludhiana property tax online are mentioned below- 

Step 1- First things first, lodge your PTR online or at Zonal Suwidha centers. 

Step 2- Now, calculate your property tax. You can do this online. 

Step 3- You then have to take a print-out copy of your Municipal Corporation Ludhiana property tax challan/ statement. 

Step 4- Make payment of your tax via any of the supported payment channels. You can pay off your tax through credit card or debit card or at Suwidha center. 

Step 5- After that, you have to reach out to the collection team of MCL on the available contact number that you will find on the official Ludhiana Municipal Corporation website. 

Note: You must have a run through each detail before you hit the final payment option.

What is the Eligibility for the LMC Election Department?

Here are the basic qualification standards for the Municipal Corporation Ludhiana:

  • The candidate applying for the nomination of elections must be 21 years old or above 21.
  • The candidate will file a testimony that the submission of all the information by him or her is true and reliable and he or she is not involved in any criminal cases, education qualification, property, etc.
  • The candidate has to show and validate that he or she is a voter in his or her nearby electoral roll of a ward.
  • And, if the selection process ends, the applicant must have at least 10 people to vote.
  • All the candidates also have to submit a registration fee. 
  • The nominee has to pay Rs. 3000 if they are from the general category or belong to other backward classes.
  • If the nominee belongs to Scheduled Caste or Tribe, then they have to pay Rs. 1500 as registration fee.

How to Get LMC Online Water Meter Bill Information?

To check your online water bill information from Municipal Corporation Ludhiana are as follows:

  • Visit the official website of Municipal Corporation Ludhiana – http://www[dot]mcludhiana[dot]gov[dot]in/ 
  • Click on the option of water and sewerage e-payments
  • You will be directed to a new page – https://eseva[dot]mcludhiana[dot]gov[dot]in/ 
  • If you are already a registered member then you can enter your name or registered number and password. 
  • Once you log in you can easily enter and see the water meter bill information.
  • If you have not register yet then you have to click on the signup option.
  • You will be redirected to the next page – https://eseva[dot]mcludhiana[dot]gov[dot]in/#Register 
  • Here you have to enter your first and last name, registered mobile number, email address, and add the password twice.
  • Now, you have to hit the submit button.
  • You will receive an activation code on your registered mobile phone number.
  • Then you can log in using these new credentials.
  • After you login successfully, you can pay your water bill and see it and then pay it using any online payment method.

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FAQ’s about Ludhiana Municipal Corporation (LMC)

Q1. What is the Municipal Corporation Ludhiana office address?

The address of Municipal Corporation Ludhiana is – Clock Tower Rd, Mata Rani Chowk, Ludhiana, Punjab 141008

Q2. Who is the Municipal Corporation Ludhiana commissioner?

The commissioner of Municipal Corporation Ludhiana is Mr. Pardeep Kumar Sabharwal (IAS).

Q3. What is the Municipal Corporation Ludhiana helpline number?

There are two helpline numbers of Municipal Corporation Ludhiana. Here are they – 
0161 4085013 and 
0161 4085038

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