What to expect from square yards #ApneGharDiwali?

What is this about Diwali that makes it the biggest festival in India? Why does everyone want to give Diwali the best shot? Why we can’t stay calm when it’s Diwali? Why does Diwali hold such a prominent place in our lives? Answers could be endless, but one thing is certain that Diwali is the festival of eliminating negativity and welcoming prosperity in life. It is the festival of celebrating positivity, it the festival of welcoming all that is good and saying goodbye to all that is dark and evil. Maybe that’s why we wait a whole year for Diwali so that we can put our best foot forward to welcome prosperity and happiness in life.

All through our lives, we remember celebrating Diwali in the best way we could. Sometimes keeping the celebration within our budget, sometimes going beyond our budget. We postpone our important plans till Diwali to make it special. Whether it’s buying a car or buying a piece of jewelry, we do it on Diwali or Dhanteras to give Diwali a happy touch, to make it more special. Now, what could be more special than buying your own home on Diwali? I don’t think anything can beat that. Having our own home to celebrate Diwali is a lifelong dream of every Indian. What else could be a grander way to celebrate Diwali than gifting a home to yourself and family? We’d say, nothing.  A home is an ultimate gift you can give yourself on Diwali.

That’s why Square Yards comes up with this great Diwali campaign – Apne Ghar Diwali. The three-day long campaign in 16 cities across 6 countries is the best way to get a home at the lowest rates in India. Having a large number of Grade A developers on board, Square Yards Apne Ghar Diwali is the sure shot to get your dream home. The major benefit of attending Apna Ghar Diwali event is the truck full of “Event Only” offers by developers and Square Yards. You may get a home from elsewhere, but you won’t get a better deal elsewhere. The icing on the top is, that there is a chance of winning a brand-new sedan car too!

Come to Square Yards #ApneGharDiwali event to make this the Diwali the best Diwali of your life.

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