Banglarbhumi Wb Land Record | Land Records in West Bengal

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Banglarbhumi Wb Land Record

The land records West Bengal (Banglarbhumi Wb Land Record ) is kept by the government for the convenience and benefit of the citizens. You can get online land records West Bengal from the comfort of your home.

What is Banglarbhumi Wb Land Record?

It provides access to information on land in West Bengal that includes a record of rights. There is a quick and trouble-free process. these land records are like an essential database. They are useful to the owner, seller and the purchaser.

Following benefits are received from Banglarbhumi WB land record online–

West Bengal Residents no longer need to run around government offices to get access to land information. They can get them instantly through online operations. Even the remotest areas can benefit from this facility. The entire procedure has been made simple and it helps in hassle-free land and property purchase and sale. there is a lot of improvement in the transparency. A detailed description of Khatian and plot number avoids causing disputes and litigation. The industrialists aiming at establishing industries in the state can get access to land-related details easily. It corroborates their decision making.

Registration Process

Now, you can register through the online portal following a few steps:

Step 1: Visit the site

Step 2; Click on the signup

Step 3: Register filling the form

Step 4: Get the password

Step 5: Captcha

Step 6: OTP generation

Step 7: submit.

Log in process

Departmental users may proceed by these steps for registering and logging in to this portal.

Step 1 – Visit the site
Step 2 – opt for the required service
Step 3 –  click on appropriate details
Step 4 – enter your user id and password.
Step 5 – Verify your OTP
Step 6 – ‘Login’

Citizens may proceed for logging in to Banglarbhumi profile

Step 1 – Get to the portal
Step 2 – Choose the service needed
Step 3 – click on the appropriate box
Step 4 – Provide your username and password.
Step 5 – Verify the captcha code.
Step 6 – Log in

Follow the below-given steps for tracking the status regarding property rights or WB land application.

  1. Put your cursor on the report on inspection
  2. Give application number
  3. Search the document through the available options

One can view Bangla Bhumi record of land by ‘Know Your Property’ or ‘Query Search’.

Step 1 – Log in
Step 2 – go to the required page for Khatiyan
Step 3 – provide details of the property
Step 4 -  provide the numbers of Khatian and other relevant details
Step 5 – Do the Captcha verification

On completion, click on ‘View’ and see all records of land that is displayed on screen.

Land record verification

Step 1 – Get to the menu
Step 2 – Click on the query
Step 3 – Provide the number of query and details
Step 4 – Verify details

How to check Map

  1. Go to service delivery
  2. Use the dropdown
  3. Get the new dropdown
  4. Enter the Plot Number.
  5. Verify the details of Captcha and so on
  6. Choose online or off-line

Process of paying the fees

Step 1 – Online application
Step 2 – Go for select payment option
Step 3 – Then, fill in form with:

  1. Certified Copy.
  2. Plot Map.
  3. Conversion.
  4. Plot Information.
  5. Mutation.

Step 4 – Type in the application number
Step 5 – Click on ‘Next’
Step 6 – Payment method

On the verification of the payment, a confirmation message will be shown on the screen.

File Grievance Application

  1. You can visit the home page and select the grievance page
  2. Get to the grievance application page
  3. Make sure about your identity filling in process

Checking Grievance Status

Step 1 – You have to select the grievance application tab
Step 2 – Select the grievance application status
Step 3 –  Use the needed UPN for the process to complete

You can make things more convenient using the app jomirtothya. It will help you to get to the desired details in no time. Through this app, you can enter plot number, khatian number and other details. You can press on the right key to get the necessary details.

All the states of India are participating in the process of going digital. There is a separate department of the land of the government that is responsible for this job. There is a government portal which can be used by you. You can get all land-related details and work accordingly to your advantage.

The following services are provided by the Banglarbhumi:

  • Service for the citizens
  • Record of Rights
  • Maps of the plots of land
  • Thika tenancy
  • ISU management
  • Work-related to mutation
  • Application for conversion
  • Distribution of land

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How to register in Banglarbhumi ?

You have got to visit the government portal for the Banglarbhumi website. If you are a new user, you’ve got to register yourself with details of yours. If you are a registered user, you can have direct access to log in. The steps to follow differ between a registered user and a non-registered one.

What is the Record of Rights?

It consists of information on the landowner, details of plots, rate of revenue, etc. You can apply for the ROR through the Banglarbhumi web portal following a few easy steps.
You have to enter the following details:
Name using middle and surname, name of the guardian, address, email ID, mobile number and OTP, password and Captcha code.

How to track the application status?

*Log in on the official website of West Bengal e-District.
*Click on ‘Inspection Report’ at the right bottom corner of the screen.
*Enter the ‘Application Number’ that came with the acknowledgement receipt.
*Tap on ‘Search Document’ and the status will be generated